Application Requirements

Welcome to SAIS and thank you for your interest. The student must meet the following requirements before applying.

    • In accordance with Chinese Bureau of Educational policy, we may accept applications for students who hold a foreign passport with a valid Chinese visa, as well as students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
  • AGE
    • SAIS currently educates students in Pre-School through Grade 9. Students must be 3 years old on or before August 1 to be eligible to apply for admission to Pre-School. Although we encourage students to begin the school year at SAIS we do accept applications throughout the year and provided that space is available, students can enroll at any time.
G1 6-7
G2 7-8
G3 8-9
G4 9-10
G5 10-11
G6 11-12
G7 12-13
G8 13-14
G9 14-15
G10 15-16
G11 16-17
G12 17-18

Applicant Checklist and General Information

This application checklist is for your reference. Please feel free to contact the admissions office if you have any questions.

Enrollment Tuition and Withdrawal & Refund Policies are made available to the parents and it is your responsibility to be aware of these documents.


Documents required prior to assessment:

Application Form must be completed, signed, dated and returned. This form is required by the school for enrollment and relevant education boards. *Including:

  1. Copy of student Passport and Chinese Visa/Travel Permit
  2. Photo of student
  3. Copy of parent(s)/ guardian(s) Passport/I.D.
  4. Copy of parent(s)/ guardian(s) photo
  5. One copy of student Birth Certificate
  6. One copy of all previous school report cards


Student Health History Form must be completed, signed, dated and returned. This will assist our nurse and administration with your child’s health needs. *Including:

  1. Child Immunization Records
  2. Child Medical records

School Bus Request Form must be completed, signed, dated and returned whether bus services are required or not.

Media Release Form must be read, completed and signed. You have the right to refuse.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy must be read, completed and signed.

All official documents must be presented in person at the SAIS Admissions Office with copies for school records. All originals will be returned after verification by the Admissions Office Representatives.

Please complete all forms with appropriate fee prior to submission in order to help process the application in a timely manner.

After the student’s file is reviewed, testing and/or interview may be required. You will be informed of acceptance, denial or waiting list offer.

Upon acceptance, full payment must be made by the due date to secure your child’s seat.

Application Forms

Forms to be completed, signed, dated and returned to
(Forms are also available in Admissions Office):