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Welcome to Shenzhen American International School! We want you to dive right into student life, so please check out the “Student Announcements” below, which are made available to all existing SAIS students!

Student Annoucements

SAIS Spotlight June 22 2020

The highlight of any school year at Shenzhen American International School is the Exhibition of Learning. Here, students are able to show to parents, visitors, and their school friends the work they have done for the previous several weeks. In normal times this is an...

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SAIS Spotlight June 4 2020

This week we are spotlighting our Chinese classes. We have 3 teachers of Chinese, Ms Dawn, Ms YvonneY and Ms Cindy. Classes are divided into native Chinese speakers and non-native Chinese speakers. All of the work is designed to improve fluency and literacy in...

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Parent Letter June 4 2020

Dear SAIS Parents and Community, It has been so wonderful to welcome all of our students in all grades back to campus! We so missed seeing the smiling, happy faces of our children over the last few months. We are also looking forward to our very first virtual...

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SAIS Spotlight May 28 2020

Here we have a photograph of our Grade 2 class having returned to school after the lock down has been lifted on schools. We do not normally see our students sit in rows like this but it is so good to see them back at school we don’t mind how they are sat! They all...

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Parent Letter 2020.5.18

Back to School at SAIS May 18, 2020 We made it through our first week of being back on campus for grades 4 and up and wanted to let you know about some of the amazing things that are happening. Over the last couple of weeks, we have had the staff on campus going...

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SAIS Spotlight 2020.5.18

Today we are excited to see the project that our Grade 3 students have been working on. The students undertook the role of reporters and created a mind map on the effects and management of Covid19 in China. This mind map gave birth to our “SAIS Edition – Covid19” -...

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Because of all of the news around SAIS’s grand reopening last week, you might have missed the announcement of our first SAIS-led International Student Film Festival, which will take place during the second week in June. Schools and students from around the world are...

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SAIS Spotlight 2020.5.8

Today we are excited to announce our Humanities project for grades 5 and above that will be culminating in an international student film festival. The first SAIS-led Annual International Film Festival will take place during the second week in June. Schools and...

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SAIS Safety Guidelines

Dear Parents, We are so excited to be re-opening SAIS! While we very much look forward to seeing at least some of our students again in person soon, it is important that everyone is aware that, for safety reasons, the experience will feel very different from how it...

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July 2020