Essential Questions

In what ways are we persuaded to think or act in a certain way?
What role does the form of communication play in how a message is received?

Learning Targets

  • I can get relevant information about my topic using the internet.
  • I can use facts to back up my argument.
  • I can work with a team to persuade an audience about a change we are pursuing regarding improving Shenzhen.
  • I can research information about a topic and identify main ideas & summarize it.
  • For the year 8/9 Final Project students working in teams proposed ways to improve Shenzhen through building more bike paths, or developing more silent public spaces, or questioning the use of female seats on trains.  Each group came up with a pitch to persuade government officials and presented this to the class. Below are the recordings of each pitch.

    Silent Public Places: Ava, King, Macy


    Bike Paths: Phyllis, Cherry, Simon


    Female Seats on Trains: Tina, Kim, Tomy