This has been an exciting time for SAIS.

In our Spotlight today we have a lot to catch up on so make sure you have time to read to the end! We are reporting on the first ever SAIS football team and their first football matches.



We also had a special Community meeting to allocate each student to their House.学生大会上我们把每位孩子都分配到了各自的学院。

Eagle house visited an upmarket restaurant to learn how a commercial kitchen worked and why understanding the chemistry of food was so important in producing an excellent meal. They spent the morning cooking a meal of Italian noodles with Duck confit sauce, garlic bread, roast tomatoes and other garnish.


We welcome back our principal Miss Laura and Kenny as well as our final teachers, Sam and Omar. SAIS is now one of the few schools in Shekou with all their teaching staff back working. Well done everyone.


Finally, Hallowe’en! What a fun morning to have just before the Student led conferences.






Sports news from SAIS 深美体育新闻

Our first ever football team took part in a friendly series of matches with other schools last week. The first game against Whittle was a nervous occasion for our players and we went on to lose the game 4-1 but history was created, not only by this first ever SAIS football match but the first goal scored by a SAIS student was down to Phineas. Although SAIS was losing 4-0 the SAIS team never gave up and with some good play by his team-mates Phineas was able to score our first ever SAIS goal.


The second match was against Basis school. Now the team was playing well and after a good pass from David, Karl took the ball past 2 Basis players and with a 3rd Basis player running fast to stop him it was too late and he put the ball well past the goalkeeper and SAIS was in the lead.


Soon after Basis equalised but in the second half with time running out Karl passed the ball to Michael who used his speed to run past the Basis defenders and beat the goalie with a great shot. SAIS had their first win! Although the strikers always get the headlines, without the great defending from Amy, Coco and our midfield of Bess, James and Angela, the strikers would not be successful. Finally Simon was our great goal keeper and team captain.

不久后贝赛思扳平比分,下半场所剩时间不多了,Karl把球传给了Michael,Michael加速超越了对方防守,用一记漂亮的射门赢下了深美的首胜!有了Amy, Coco的坚固防守 和中场Bess, James, Angela完美的配合,前锋得以占据主导位置,还有我们的队长Simon作为守门员不可或缺的功劳。

House News 学院新闻

In our special Community meeting the students were each given an envelope which contained the House they would be in. To make sure everyone opened at the same time envelopes were placed on their forehead and when Mr Mike gave the signal everyone had to open their envelope, see which House they were in and run to the table to get their House tee shirt.


Everyone runs to find their house table and get their tee shirt. 每位学生都跑向自己学院并领到学院T恤衫。

Can Panda House be the first to get their shirts and sit down?熊猫学院能成为最快穿好T恤衫并坐下的吗?

No, it was Lion House! At least the teachers are excited about winning! Well done Lions.最快的是狮子学院!狮子学院的老师发出了胜利的欢呼。

Students from Eagle House had the chance to visit an upmarket Restaurant called Magpie at OCT. The owner chef gave a briefing to the students and instructed them on how to safely use the equipment, especially the knives.


The students learned how important it was to be accurate in their work. If the measurements are not correct then the food will not taste good. The liquid element of eggs and some water when added to flour create a reaction between the proteins in flour to create a bond we call gluten.


How to mix the ingredients is very important. Here eggs are carefully mixed with the flour. When the liquid is added and the dough is kneaded, we learned how the flour breaks down into 2 components which helps to give the glutinous structure needed for good pasta noodles. We learned that flour has two types of protein, gliadin and glutenin and the kneading process helps to activate these chemical components to produce the correct consistency in the noodles. This is an example of practical chemistry. 如何混合配料是非常重要的步骤。图中的学生正将鸡蛋和面粉仔细地混合在一起。加入液体并揉成面团后,学生们实践了面粉中的麦胶蛋白和麦谷蛋白遇水形成优质面条所需的胶状面筋结构。我们了解到面粉中的麦胶蛋白和麦谷蛋白与不同温度的液体混合在揉搓过程中有助于激活变化从而得到需要的面条粘稠度。这是一个实用化学的例子。

All of the components of the meal have to be prepared so they can come together at the same time. Here students are preparing the duck for the sauce.


Everyone has their task and everyone is working hard. 每位学生都各司其职,烹饪工作井然有序地进行。

The pasta dough is put through a machine to stretch and then it is rolled and cut before being separated by hands into long strands of wide noodles. 学生们正把意面面团放入机器中拉伸、卷起并切割,然后学生们用手分开扯成长长的宽面。

Finally the food is ready to serve and the students enjoy a well deserved lunch! 最后食物烹饪完成,学生们享用了一顿他们亲手制作的美味午餐!

Welcome Back! 欢迎回来

We are pleased to have back with us Dr Laura Flaxman our Principal and Kenny Purser, Director of Instruction.

很高兴我们的校长Laura Flaxman博士和Kenny Purser课程主任回来啦。

We also have arriving at school Sam Lovetro (left) who will be teaching Humanities and on the right we have Omar Maklad who will be teaching Mathematics. Both teachers have been involved with our students virtually and so it is great to be able to have them live and in person.

到校的还有人文学科老师Sam Lovetro(左)和数学老师Omar Maklad(右),欢迎他们的加入!两位新老师都在过去几个月与我们的学生进行了线上的课程,我们都很开心终于能和他们面对面地交流。

We should also not forget the return of Lucy, Amelia and Bella from maternity leave. Lucy (left) is now Vice principal responsible for logistics, Amelia continues to do excellent work in helping students with their English as one of our ESL specialists and Bella is hard at work with our ELE 1 students.

Lucy, Amelia and Bella老师也结束产假返校了,Lucy(左)是负责后勤的副校长,Amelia ESL老师继续帮助学生们提高英语,Bella也在努力帮助我们的ELE 1班学生。感谢她们一直以来的出色工作。

Welcome to Hallowe’en SAIS style! 欢迎加入深美的万圣活动!

We began with the students parading their costumes for parents to see and then we walked into the park to see the school mascot –the big Shenzhen Bull!


Our school at the Shenzhen Bull statue.


After the school photo the students returned to school –


Just in time to trick or treat. It is so much fun giving away candy to your schoolmates.