The highlight of any school year at Shenzhen American International School is the Exhibition of Learning. Here, students are able to show to parents, visitors, and their school friends the work they have done for the previous several weeks. In normal times this is an open event and people queue outside the school excited to see what has been prepared for them. Students and teachers spend many hours preparing for the event to make sure everything looks perfect on the day.

For the first time SAIS held the Exhibition of Learning virtually due to the restrictions that are now all too familiar to everyone around the world.

The planning was just as nerve wracking as a physical event, if not more so. Teachers had to learn so many new skills in preparing and downloading videos of the work the students had completed over the previous weeks of online instruction. The platform to present to the world had to be prepared and problems had to be faced and overcome to ensure the event would be a good experience for all of our visitors.

There were dozens of visitors to the EOL from all around the world, including the US, UK and Italy.

Section 1 of the event was led by an introduction from our principal, Dr Laura Flaxman.

We then were able to view short presentations from each of our classes. Here we see students watching one of these presentations.

This short video shows how excited our Kindergarten B children were when they recognised themselves in their class presentation. (Video here)

Section 2 of the Exhibition of learning allowed visitors to go to any grade they chose to view some live work or other presentations.

Here Kindergarten A students showed their studies on buildings and how the Romans were such great builders, creating such iconic structures like the Colosseum.

Grade 1 students preparing to show their live session the hand sanitisers they made to combat the Corona virus. They also wrote a book in English to explain how to make it. Then, students learned how to translate it to Mandarin Chinese in their Chinese class. A great example of cross discipline project work.

Here Grade 2 students are learning about their family history and about some of their hero ancestors.

Grade 3 students introducing the hand sanitiser they created to ensure the world is able to combat this and future pandemics. If only we could protect the earth with a gigantic mask!

Grade 4 students were actively using their laptops to engage with the EOL visitors.


For all those who visited our world first online Exhibition of Learning thank you, we are sure you had a wonderful experience, for those who missed it, don’t forget to visit our school website at where you can see this and many other student project experiences.

For information on the school please contact our Admissions office.