Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view

Hiya! The name’s Hunter. I’m a kakapo. What is a kakapo I hear you asking? Well… Were sorta like parrots… but we can’t fly.  My family… We have a long history of obesity. ANYWAY! Back to me! This is MY story! Okay, so, I’m a 14-year-old kakapo. And I have an EXCELLENT sense of humor. You heard it right! My humor is the best in the land. But, recently, my humor has kinda gone downhill… I’ll get to that part in a bit! But for now, I’ll tell you about my family life. So, I have an older brother and a younger sister. They don’t pay attention to me that much… We used to have an excellent life! Finding food on the jungle floor, having a grand old time in a world where our only fear was of our natural predators. Now, it’s time for me to tell ya why my humor has gone downhill. Well… it’s a long story. So, pull up a chair, and get excited. This is the most action-packed story you’ve EVER heard in your entire life. Just don’t get too attached to anyone mentioned in this little documentary/story thing. You’ll see why.  

                Here, I’ll set the scene for ya. Let’s start on the island of New Zealand, ten years ago. My brother and I are having some fun, chasing each other through the misty jungle when we come to a dead stop. A sound like thunder echoed throughout the jungle. Turns out it WAS thunder because five seconds later, it was raining cats and dogs and we were running for our lives. Since we are so fat and can’t fly, rain is a HUGE issue. Unless you get to high ground, YOU’RE DEAD. I’ve come to associate RAIN with PAIN. Hey, that rhymes. So, my brother and I climbed a tree as fast as we could and just waited for the flooding to stop. Which, by the way, take FOREVER. We had to play rock, paper, scissors for FOURTY-EIGHT HOURS! So, after the rain stopped, my brother and I climbed down from our tree and started heading home, when we heard the first boom. We thought that the rainstorm had come back to torment us, but we were oh-so-wrong. No rain came, so we climbed down AGAIN and headed home. And that was only the tip of the iceberg. We were in for a rough ride the next two weeks. 

                The next morning, I woke up to a painful noise. It sounded a beast, coming to eat us. I knew that I was safe in the tree. There was no beast in the jungle that could climb the trees as well as us kakapos. That was the second time I thought wrong. The sound went on for another minute when it stopped. But then, something AMAZING happened. I felt weightless! I was flying! Then I hit the ground and blacked out. Turns out I wasn’t flying. I was falling. That’s why I felt weightless. Once I woke up from my little slumber, the first thing that I noticed was that I was in severe pain. The tree that I was in fell from the sky. The next thing that I noticed was that all my family members were crowded around me. We all sleep in separate trees and when they saw my tree fall, they knew that they had to get out of theirs. They all started talking at once. “Are you okay?” “Are you hurt?” “What happened?” “If you die, can I have your stash of fruit?” I told them that I was okay and that my little sister could NOT have my fruit. Then mom started speaking. “We saw what it was. It was a human. With some tool. It had spikes at the edges… I think.” I was angry. Angry at this human for cutting down my bed. I started to get up so I could practice doing dropkicks on this human, but I was in too much pain. I told my family that I most likely had a broken bone. They told me to rest. I obliged. I had no other choice. And that was the entire day. I was just resting. And the second day too. It was only on the third day that things got interesting, and NOT in a good way.  

Final Project Film