As part of PBL, the Grade three students undertook the role of reporters and created a mind map on the effects and management of Covid19 in China. This mind map gave birth to our SAIS Edition – Covid19” – reporting on the Covid19 in China and other countries of choice. 

The newspaper gave students voice and choice regarding the topics and creativity. The following aspects were covered: 

  1. China and Covid19 
  2. Social distancing solutions 
  3. Instructions on making a Diorama 
  4. Word Search on Covid19 
  5. The fashion industry during the lockdown – designing a medical mask 
  6. Changes in businesses as a result of Covid19 
  7. Introducing sport, music and art during Lockdown 
  8. Hobbies and Crafts  
  9. Parent Talk 


From the knowledge and research, students will showcase and film their learning. The EOL will be presented in the form of a Television Channel –  

SAIS  Reinventing our Future. 

Milestone 1(News) 

China is the first country to be infected and affected the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore China is several weeks ahead of many other countries on the “curve” of the virus progression. “Our students experienced this pandemic first-hand.”  

As such, the students used mind-maps and explored the impact of COVID19 on themselves, their families, local communities, and the greater China.  

The following areas were explored: 

  1. The number of people infected and affected in China. (The current situation, ways that were used in the prevention of COVID19, how the infected persons families were affected.) 
  2. How COVID19 affected the economy and businesses of China. (How has the different businesses been affected? Which industries suffered the most? Details and reason for the current status.) 
  3. Impact of not going out and being under lockdown (The feelings and emotions experienced by students, limitations that the students experienced, the alternative means of communication, indoor activities and online school.) 
  4. Other factors and lives that were affected– (Medical, Police / army, Travel, Families) 

Milestone 2

(sewing a cloth mask, making hand sanitizer) 

The students learnt that many countries have a shortage of masks and hand sanitizers – the mask and hand sanitizer shortage across much of the world is due to a demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The students decided to teach the rest of the world to make their own masks and hand sanitizers. 

  • Students discovered that cloth face coverings may slow down the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. 
  • Cloth face coverings can be made from household items and are easily washable. 
  • Hand sanitizers commonly sold stores have a 70 percent alcohol content, but the school’s product contains 75% percent to better ward off coronaviruses such as COVID-19.The students added aloe vera gel to the formula so that the product won’t dry out your hands and the essence makes the hand sanitizer smell good. 

Milestone 3

(English activities, Math activities, Science and Social Science activities, making jam, gardening, dancing and exercise) 

We also looked at different ways to assist children, that are on lockdown, with activities and games. 

Videos captions: 

1. Problem: Many people from different countries are now infected and affected by COVID19. 

Students drafted scripts and edited news reports – these will be presented and filmed in class. We worked on researching, speaking and presenting – INDIVIDUAL 

2. Problem: Many different countries are now infected and affected by COVID19 do not have enough hand sanitizer. 

Students combined ingredients in specific proportions to make hand sanitizer, bottled them in different sized bottles 

 as well as designed the labels for the bottles – INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY 

3. Problem: Many people from different countries are now infected and affected by COVID19 and are informed about buying the correct hand sanitizer. 

Student wrote out scripts and presented various advertisements on hand sanitizers – GROUPS 

4. Problem: Many children from different countries are now infected and affected by COVID19. They are bored and this is a fun activity that parents can do with their children We suggested an easy cooking activity that can be done by young and old, as well as an exercise program for children. 

  • We researched the making of jam and we made a video so that everyone can learn how to make jam GROUPS 

  • DRAMA – The missing puzzle piece is a play based on the COVID19 – The play showcases the finding of a solution to solve the problem of COVID19 CLASS 
  • Music – we created a “flash-mob” during music. The Grade 4 students joined us in this fun event.