Milestone 1 Part 1

The first thing we did was learn about the theory of evolution.  To help answer our 3 guiding questions, we had to make a concept map with the animal kingdom as our concept and our questions as the 3 sub-concepts.  We then focused our questions and knowledge around those three sub-concepts.

Milestone 1 Part 2

My work

We had to write a 1/2-page hypothesis about two different species and how they are similar and different.  We also had to write down the meanings of some key words that we would be using in upcoming projects.  Finally, we had to write another 1/2 page about the same two species but revise it and use as many keywords as we could.

Milestone 2

My work

To show what we learned about natural selection we had to come up with 4 different ways to show the 4 different parts of natural selection. To show them I researched and explained the process of overproduction and why animals do this. For the second part I wrote a summary of how a species has evolved over time. Third, I drew a detailed picture of the environment where two similar species, the red and grey squirrels, were competing for the same resources.  And finally, I had to write a short story on how a species emerges victorious after the last three steps have occurred.

Milestone 3 Part 1

For this part we had to explain why we, had green hair, while both of our parents had normal brown hair. We had to figure out who gave us this green hair by delving into genetics.

Milestone 3 Part 2

My work

We had to make a Powerpoint presentation on a disorder of our choice. When we had finished making the Powerpoint we presented it to a panel of judges.

Simon Milestone 4 Part 1

My work

We had to watch to different videos on deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, and then write a claim, and then give our evidence and reasoning for our claim using different resources online.

Milestone 4 Part 2

My work

We had to create our own lab in which we would find out how CO2 affects an ecosystem, and then complete our own lab that we designed.

Milestone 4 Part 3

My work

After learning about deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, we had to find an endangered animal in the Amazon Rainforest and then make a video about it as well as write a 1 to 2 page essay on how deforestation has impacted this animal.