Milestone 1 Creative writing image prompt



It was the year 2020. Bob was 67 years old and was locked up somewhere. He did not know where or why.  He just knew he was locked up. On his face was lines of joviality and insanity. He looked just like a king whose kingdom ended. For some reasons he broke all the glass in his house.  Nobody knew why. But he put himself in this black room with nothing but a mirror and a circle of paint on ground with red, blue and yellow color.

The man was waiting for 7:36, so that the sun can come up, no one knew what he wanted to do, he was just watching  the mirror……

When the time came, the sun came up same time the first light of today came. The sunshine came into the black room instantly. Sunshine didn’t light up the room but sunshine lit up the circle on the ground.  The three color that made the circle became a color human could not see.

The man wasn’t surprised.  This is the reason why he brought the mirror. The man moved the mirror on the circle to convert the circle, but the man still gave some space to the circle, so the mirror didn’t cover the whole circle.

At the same day but the different time, if you look to any local clock you will know it is 06:17pm in the day, the time for sun to go away.

“Vg gur gvyr gb tb…” The old man, Bob said that to himself. The man separates the mirror and the circle like he is opening a treasure box.

After the man seen the circle and the mirror made some weird wave between them, he jumped immediately into the wave!

“Bcrz uvf urnq qevzw uvf oevz! Fbyr vzqrfpevonoxr ner gnxw.”

After the man jumped into the wave, his whole body is inside a black world, time was passing……

Bob felt like he stayed at the place for thousands of years, but the next second when he opened his eyes, he saw a man and a woman.

The two people Bob were looking at, was his father and mother. Actually, there was no way that Bob would know the two people was his father and mother, because he thought that he was an orphan!


Night, blood is showing, the moon is coming, the beasts are hunting…

The hunters are in the night preparing for the hunt…

(At the yellow street.) Migo was finding something from this drunkard. This was a necessary action for Migo, he had to do this, he couln’t be alone with not even a gun or a knife in the yellow night.

The only reason Migo was still outside was because his sister needed some blood to pass this cold night.

He knew he might be killed by the beasts, but he also knew if he didn’t do this Maria will die after this night…

Finally, he found a gun with thirteen silver bullets inside……

The yellow moonlight fells on Migo’s body, he began to run because he knew he needed to be  faster, not just for his sister but also because the longer humans were under the moonlight, the bigger probability was that they would end up going mad.

Finally, he came to the blood bank.  Migo’s mind were almost broke at the time.   He was to scared……

Knock, knock…

Migo knew Mr. Wilson was there, because at yellow night no one dared to go outside.

After few seconds the person behind the door answered the knock.

“…Who are you!!! Speak!!!”

“I’m Migo……”

“… Come in, be quick!”

The man behind the door was very scared, before he knew it was Migo.

He closed the door directly after Migo.

“Migo, why you are here!”, “What do you want!” Mr. Wilson scolded.  He could not understand why a kid will come out his home at a yellow night.

“I need some number blood for my sister, Mr. Wilson!”

As soon as Mr. Wilson Knew why Migo was there his anger vanished…

It took a short while for him to find the needle with the red liquid inside.

“Migo… I know you have no money. This time it is for free…and remember to be safe.”  The old man gave the blood to Migo with a sadness in his eyes.

“Ok”, Migo looked at the old man thankfully, then he took the medical needles and went away……

Migo knew it was hard to come here. He also knew that it would be even harder to get back to his house, so he started to run. He was so scared that he didn’t even realize he came to a huge square.  “This is such a bad idea,” he whispered to himself.  Almost upset with himself he said, “you know it is the home of the beast”

Yellow moon light sprinkled on Migo’s face, the sky was covered by a yellow, black and a strange atmosphere…

Migo were looking at the beast and at the same time the werewolf was looking at him to. Suddenly the werewolf run over to Migo, but in Migo’s eyes the werewolf was slowed as his grandmother.

Migo stop looking at the werewolf, he closed his eyes prepare for the bloody future that going to happen…

“BOM!!!BOM!!!BOM!!!BOM!!!BOM!!!” Five silver bullets came out Migo’s pistol one bay one.

One by one, the silver bullet missed the werewolf, only the last one hit the werewolf’s arm……

“AH!!!” Even there was just one bullet inside his body, it still made the beast shiver in pain

“BOM!!!BOM!!!BOM!!!” anther three more bullet came from Migo’s pistol, but this time Migo aim at the beast’s head directly!

“……” On the beast ‘s head there was a hole showed up, with some blood, brain and some dark blue liquid. Migo tried his best to stop thinking what It was.

It was the most silence time in Migo’s life, the two things are still moving right now is Migo jumping heart and the shaking hands.

It not over, in the time Migo are still shock another beast came out from the dark.

“Five more……” In Migo’s heart he sadly said so.

“BOM!!! BOM!!! BOM!!!……BOM!!!BOM!!” Again, five silver bullets came out from Migo’s pistol.

The first three bullet hit the leg of the werewolf. For the number four Migo’s plan was to make a head shot but the bullet brushed against the beast fur, so he shots his fifth shot, a head shot.

The two bloody bodies that lay on the ground were just like two demons born from man’s world.

This time Migo didn’t stay at there even one second, he ran away at the same time he killed the werewolf.

The light of the moon becoming more and more pale. Migo took out his pocket watch, it was 6:10 the morning.

Migo quietly came back to his home then he went right into his sister’s room show her the medical needles.

Maria tried to take the blood by herself, but she was to sick…

“I will do this” Migo said. after the word he took the needles and stab into her eyes. Maria didn’t say any things about this.

“Aaaaa!!!” Suddenly, she started screaming, her all vessels were show out, her mouth, nose, eyes, ears start to bleeding!

“What happened!” Migo scream, but he didn’t do nothing he took off his coat, put it on her eyes trying to stop the bleeding.

“She needed more blood, boy!” With the word a man come inside the room.

He pushed Migo away and stabbed a needle right into Maria’s heart. The man was so fast Migo didn’t even see his action.

Just the time Migo ready to punch the man Maria calmed down, but the punch that go out can’t come back.

“Pumb!” The man caught his punch.

“What have you done?!” Migo questioned the man with some rage.

“I sent more blood to her.”

They were witching each other until the man say “oh, sorry that I was so rude, my name is Ullr. The reason I’m here is because I saw what you did at the square, I’m want to ask you, will you be a one of us?”

“Thanks, but no I will spend my time on taking care her, she will be colder and colder” Migo was silent for a second then said, “I was hoped the blood here will safe her, so I came here” Migo answer him but he was looking at Maria.

“I’m a hunter belongs the good of blood, arcane and arcane, if you want, I can make her a new body, but you need to be one of us


“…Ok, I will be one of you guys, if you do what you said” Migo trusted him because only the hunters have the blood powerful like that.

“Great, I will take you to our church next week, for the baptism to become one of us” the man smiled badly when say that.

“Ok, I will be prepared for that”

After the man heard that he left Migo’s house with his top hat and walking stick.

After Ullr left the first things Migo did was see if Maria was sleeping, then he took out his pocket watch for see the time now

07:09 the morning.

It time for working but because yesterday was yellow night, the town will be stop work for one day. It was the time for hunters to rest and it also the time for people to accept the death of their loved ones.


Chapter 2 Monster

After Ullr went away Migo sighed then he went back to his room, but before went he look his sister with an eye with hope inside.

She never waked after the accident……

That accident was happened at the autumn of 2020. The fifth century of the arcane steam, and machine. No one at there will forget the things happened…

That was a snowy day, in people’s memory the coldness at the day was enough to freeze the sky.

At the day for some reason a part of human and animal become all those different monsters and it the day that yellow moon came. It was the most be the strangest day in people’s life.

The new moon had the color same with the sun but people can’t feel any hope or bright in the light. The only thing people seen though this light was darkness……

Ok, back to Maria, after that she was asleep and sick to now for some unknown reason. The doctor said she get a weird sick that some people get after the new moon came, he also recommend this town to Migo he said, “I have never seen this sick before the new moon came, my only recommend for people like you is use the blood at the Yharnam, even it can’t completely cured but it can make your sister live longer.”


Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view

Migo and Rhine

The story begins at a manis and a bird.

One day at some time there was a bird named Migo, he was a bird that was in the way of migrate. But now he needed some food and water, and luckily he found an old stone well, so he thought,  “Inside the well must be some food and water!”

So he flew like a bird and went above the old well. He look though the old well and there was nothing, no bugs and water. So he wanted to fly away, and found another place where he could find some food. But just when he was ready to fly away, he heard a sound that was calling him, it was a toad, “Hi my friend, my name is Rhine. I live in a village below this well, it is a very good village I have lot of good friends and fun here! Everything is excellent here except it is too dark here, the only place for light to come from the big hole up the sky. Well, it didn’t bother me because I don’t need much light in my job. It was the best job in the world! Do you like to see our village? And if you come, we will gave you food and water!”

“Emm, can you wait for me a second, I’ll need some time to think about this…” Migo said turning his body to make sure Rhine couldn’t see his face.

Hmm maybe I can go with him to see if there is any food!  Obviously, this greedy bird is thinking about taking my food! Rhine thought to himself.

“Ok! Let’s go and see your village!”

“Ok! Let’s go. Follow me!”

Right than the frog took the bird to the bottom of the well… and they saw a hole just big enough for a dog and the toad easily get through, but the crane was too big to go through it.

The crane didn’t seem to be in a hurry. “Don’t worry. I have a special power to go through this.“

Rhine was in no hurry and didn’t worry about getting through the little hole, not because he did not care, but because he actually could go through. Next Rhine was shocked by Migo. Migo was changing his body! He twisted his hand and leg together, then he twisted his body, than Migo became a worm, but didn’t stop, after he twisted all of his body, he made himself into a ball. For Rhine this whole process was unbelievable, gross, and bloody because in this process there was blood and grease all over the ground and Migo’s body…

But a miracle happened! Migo changed into a toad.


Final Project Film