Milestone 1 Creative writing image prompt


He is hiding at his house. He was playing hide and seek with his friend in the garden. He looked out from the house and saw his friend was still far from the house.  He thought, if I hide around my friend will find me too easily, so he went to find a better place to hide. He moved away from the house and came to the swimming pool but didn’t see a place good enough to hide. Then he heard his friend come closer to the swimming pool. He went back fast because he didn’t want his friend to find him. But he didn’t look behind him and fell into the swimming pool. He didn’t know how to swim. Lots of water covered his ears, mouth, nose, and the he felt he could not breathe. He tried to move his arms and legs fast to swim up, but he could not swim.  The more he moved the more he went down in the water. But then a lifesaver went into the water fast and brought him out of the water and took him to the ground. When he was on the ground, he coughed lots water out. He saw his friend was also there. The lifesaver said: “Are you good?” He moved his head, because he could not talk much. The lifesaver said: “Next time look behind you and be more careful. Now you need to go home fast, I will call your family and tell them.”  He told him the family’s telephone number to the lifesaver, and he went home fast with his friend together. When they arrived at his house, his friend told his parents about what happened. The parents thanked his friend for his help and asked him to also thank the lifesaver who saved his friend’s telephone. After some time when his friend became well again, he asked his friend: “How did you save me?” his friend said: “I saw you fall into the swimming pool, so I told the lifeguard. Then the lifeguard went into the water and brought you out.” his friend said: “Thank you for saving me.” After this happened, he and his friend learned to both swim. They swam and played in the swimming pool, and they were very happy.


Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view

Saved by a Cave

I am a snow leopard my name is Snowy. I live in a snow mountain. The snow mountain is very big like a big rock. The snow looks like some clouds on the mountain. One day I went out to find food to eat. I looked at many places on the mountain I live on, but cannot find animals to eat. Before I saw people come up to the mountain and bring some sheep and other animals, but I don’t know why they take them, but I think I will have food to eat. Then after two days I still cannot find food and I am very hungry. I go looking again. I look from the rock, and down I see there are some sheep.  I saw the rock and the snow are moving. I was very hungry so I just jumped down towards a sheep, but I hit a rock. I looked and saw there were no sheep. I must have seen wrong things because I was too hungry. I felt my leg was hurt. I thought maybe it was because I jumped down so hard.

Then I saw I am in a room, and there were some people. I looked at my leg, and it had white fabric on it. When I moved it still hurt but less so than before. The people saw me wake up and said, “Snowy maybe is hungry.” Then they gave me a lot of food and I ate and I didn’t feel hungry anymore . Then the people took me to a cave and there was some grass inside. They put me on the grass and said, “Snowy can live here now, and go to the mountain when we have animals to eat.” I lived at the place some months. The people let me look for food every day so I didn’t forget how to find food, and my leg become good again and then I could run again. One day the people came in, they said, “Now there are animals on the mountain and Snowy can go back to the mountain now.”

They took me back to the mountain where I lived and I saw there were many sheep and animals there at the mountain again. I am very happy and sad because I have food to eat now, but I need to go away from the people who save me. The people say goodbye to me and go away.


Milestone 3 Dramatic Dialogue

Final Project Film