Milestone 1 Creative writing image prompt

Adam and his Family

Once upon a time there was a boy called Adam who lived in a poor city.  He had a stepfather, stepmother, and step-big sister, but they were very mean to him. Every child that lived in this city always bullied him, but he didn’t say anything.

One day, his stepmother and father took him to a very prosperous country for work. After his stepfather, mom and sister got to the hotel they didn’t see Adam, but they didn’t care so they didn’t go to find Adam. It turned out that Adam was discovered by a rich man, the wife of the rich man thought Adam was very cute so she loved him very much. After this day, Adam learned many things, for example finance, psychology, botany, anthropology and much more. He became a very successful person when he grew up.

One day his stepfather went to his company to talk about cooperation. When Adam went into the conference room of his company, Adam and his stepfather were very shocked. His stepfather thought, “In Adam’s census register, father is me, if Adam dies I will have shares of this company.” But Adam was thinking, “He was my father before, so I’ll give him a chance.” Adam really give him this chance. After some days, his stepfather tried to kidnap Adam, fortunately, his assistant saved him. Adam was very, very, angry. After some days, his stepfather went to the jail for this kidnapping.

Adam found his biological parents and lived a happy life.


Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view

Mama Dodo Bird Stolen

There is a Dodo bird island, and there is a Dodo bird called Dannie who inhabits this island. He is not strong, and most of the Dodos bully him. And his father had died, leaving only him and his mother in his family. But when his mother was young, she was taken by scientists and got a virus, so when Dannie was born he also got this virus.

One day, Dannie’s mom went to find food, suddenly there was a hunter, he  caught her. When Dannie learned his mom was caught by hunters he was very angry, but he couldn’t rescue his mom because he didn’t have the power to rescue his mom. He went to find his only friend Jerry, and Dannie told him the hunter got his mom. Dannie wanted Jerry to help him, Jerry consented. They got out off the dodo bird island, but after many days they still couldn’t find the hunters.

Finally, they went to a mountain, there was a house, the hunters lived there. Dannie and Jerry went in the house, the hunters were not there, and Dannie’s mom was also not there. Dannie was very disappointed. But Dannie and Jerry didn’t stop looking.

They were walking on the mountain, suddenly they saw the hunters hunting and they also saw Dannie’s mom was in the cage but the hunters saw them and wanted to catch them. But the hunters didn’t catch them because they ran away.  Dannie was walking and thinking how he should rescue his mom.


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