SAIS classmates Amy Hu, Angela Shan, Coco Wan, Lily Zhou, Lincoln Stahle, and Maria Reyes have worked in close proximity to each create their own wings. Sighting steps from the design process, from initial concept to implementation, as each having its own challenges, they have given and received inspiration from their peers to each arrive at their own unique conclusions. Enthusiastic to share about the materials, tech, and nuance in each of their own pieces, a general feeling of satisfaction comes through after all of the hard work that has been put into each project.



深美学生Amy Hu、Angela Shan、Coco Wan、Lily Zhou、Lincoln Stahle和Maria Reyes齐心协力创作了他们自己的翅膀。他们仔细观察和思考设计过程,从最初的概念到最终实施,每一步都充满挑战,他们互相给予对方灵感,并得出自己的独特结论。他们热衷于分享各自的作品中的材料、技术和细微差别,经过投入到每个项目中的辛勤工作之后,总有一种满足感。

by Nick Shriner