This week we are spotlighting our Chinese classes. We have 3 teachers of Chinese, Ms Dawn, Ms YvonneY and Ms Cindy. Classes are divided into native Chinese speakers and non-native Chinese speakers. All of the work is designed to improve fluency and literacy in Chinese. At SAIS we recognize that as the world’s most commonly spoken language Chinese is a vital component of the future of our student’s lives.




Grade 1 and Grade 2 have been concentrating on vocabulary as you can see on the right.







Below you see the 2 milestones the students are expected to arrive at.






Studying hard.





Well done our Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. Some good work.






Upper Grades have been studying the Corona virus and using their Chinese to obtain information and write the results.






The following photographs show the progress and ideas that our students have researched and created to properly understand the virus and ideas on future class designs to prevent the spread in future.

Well done all of our students of Chinese and thanks to Ms Dawn, Ms YvonneY and Ms Cindy.