Milestone 1

In our first milestone, we were introduced to the Theory of Evolution. Given a set of guiding questions, we had to make a concept map about our knowledge of the Animal Kingdom. We looked at different species and analyzed their similarities and differences.

Milestone 2

In milestone 2 we learned about Darwins Theory for Natural Selection.  There are 4 steps: Overproduction, Variation, Competition, and Selection.

Overproduction is about the animals that overproduce so that they have more chances to survive.  Variation is when something inside the animals changes. They change because the place that they live makes them change so they can survive.  Competition is when animals fight for the same things. Selection is when one type of animal survives over another type of animal.

Milestone 3

In milestone 3 we learned about Genetics and DNA.  There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human body and if there is problem in one of the chromosomes the whole body will be change.

Milestone 4

In milestone 4 we learned about saving the animal kingdom.  About saving the animal Kingdom we learned about the Layman Albatross.  The plastic makes the sea very polluted so the Layman Albatross ate a lot of the plastic.