Pedestrians are advised to be ALWAYS careful when crossing the road in Shenzhen. Cars drive on the right hand side of the road. At some junctions of the road, cars are allowed to turn right even the traffic light is red. Bicycles and Electric bicycles are driving both on the pavement and the road. Although the government is trying to set legislation in controlling those Electric bicycles, you still need to be careful when walking on street.


Most of the expatriate will choose to use a taxi for their destination as it is relatively cheap.The starting flag fall is RMB10 for initial 2.5km. Afterward, the rate is RMB0.6 per 0.25km or per 45 seconds of waiting. After 11pm, the taxi fare will increase about 30%. There is RMB3  fuel levy imposed to each journey but it is not on the meter. You can request the taxi drive to issue you the official receipt “Fapiao” after the ride. Besides the Fapiao printed by the meter, the driver will also give you the Fapiao of the fuel levy.

China taxi drivers can rarely speak English. Please kindly have a Chinese address with you and show to them OR have a Chinese-English speaker helping you. Whenever you have doubt on the taxi fare or the bad behavior of the driver, you can call the complaint number on spot which is always displayed in the taxi. If the case is established, the driver has to undergo a re-education programme and wil be suspended from driving the taxi for 2 weeks.

There are some illegal taxis congregating near the airport or ferry pier. Although it is safe, we still do not suggest you to take them unless there are no meter taxis around. If a policeman sees you pay those illegal taxi drivers, you may be subject to being questioned which may cause you issues.


Public buses are very common transport for local people. They are quite clean and safe to travel. In Shekou area, buses cover most areas. You can find the route details of each bus at the bus stop. The fare within Shekou area is RMB1-2. If you wish to go further to Futian or Luohu district, it costs you RMB8 at the most. For those buses with ticket collectors, you can tell them your destination, they will adjust the fare for you. Now you can use “ShenzhenTong” which is a debit card which will allow you to credit fare of bus, Metro-rail or even the convenience store.

Metro Rail

The existing Shenzhen metro rail is serving Luohu and Futian area.

The passenger ferry terminal is one of the options for you to travel to Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport, Macau and various Guangdong cities.This is the shortest way for you to go to Hong Kong Business District. For the updated fare and time table details you can check with   As the passenger rate is relatively low, the departing time is not frequent. You must check the ferry schedule prior to your departure.

Ferry to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

We believe that Hong Kong International Airport could provide you more flights options to all over the world. You just need to bring along your passport with valid visa of destination, air ticket and ferry ticket, you can then depart at Shekou Ferry and head to HKIA Skypier. The journey takes 30 minutes. When you arrive HKIA, it is to the restricted area and do not pass through the immigration counter, otherwise, you have entered Hong Kong. Please check in your flight and luggage at the ferry terminal of HKIA. You can get your boarding pass there. Passengers are also entitled to claim back their departure tax. The tax claim counter is located at the transit lounge of the HKIA Skypier. The refund should be HKD110. Please visit the following website for more details and updates   Please buy the Sky pier ferry ticket in advance and prepare to arrive the Skypier (not Shekou pier) 2 hours prior of your flight departure.For some nationals who required transit visa to Hong Kong, please make sure you have the valid Hong Kong visa before taking this option. otherwise you can only depart in a China airport.

Driving Licence in China, Shenzhen

To obtain a brand new driving licence in China for a foreigner is not an easy process. The main problem is there is barely any English speaking instructor to guide your driving. If you elect to learn driving in China, please kindly find an interpreter sitting beside you. Some driving schools can offer a package of driving lessons. However, they still cannot provide any English medium for the candidates. Another way for you to drive in China is to transfer your Foreign driving licence to China driving licence. In Shenzhen, all foreigners have to undergo the process in person at one designated examination center. They have to provide a list of supporting documents and participate in a theory test. The process would be as follows:

1. Bring along the supporting documents to the Xili Examination Centre

– Valid Passport (original and copy)

– Valid Residence Permit (original and copy)

– Photo (with office photo receipt)

– Valid Foreigner driving licence* (original and copy)

– Medical report (original and copy)

*All foreigner documents must be translated into Chinese and notarized by Notary Public Office.

*Medical examination must be done at designated hospital

2. Apply the transferal at the Xili Examination Centre

3. Make an appointment at Examination Department for the theory test

4. Attend the theory test in person (100 pcs computer multiple choices questions-passing mark is 90 pcs)

5. If the theory test is passed, the China driving licence will be issued in 3-5 days The whole processe should take around 20-30 working days.Please be reminded that not all foreign driving licence are accepted for conversion. You are suggested to translate it into Chinese and then clarify with the Examination Centre.

Xili Examination Centre

Address: No. 98, Longjing Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

Enquiry: 0755-22222000 (Chinese only)