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Sample student newspaper A The 2018 Maker Faire was a success! Here is a photo of the SAIS booth the year prior as well. SAIS attends the Shenzhen Maker Faire every year. Students are given a very real opportunity to show their work to the public, answer questions for attendees, and see others doing the same. In a classroom, learning can feel artificial and students can feel a “learn this because I told you to” attitude, no matter how excellent the teacher. It’s important to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning outside of the classroom, frequently and with meaningful events. Attending the Shenzhen Maker Faire puts student projects side-by-side with adult projects, and every year it’s a huge success when students see that the skills they are learning are similar to the skills adults are learning! It shows them that their education isn’t just at their teacher’s whim, but is fulfilling a real need that others share! [office_doc id=2532]