The Fifth S.A.I.S. Terry Fox Run was held on Friday, November 22, 2019 and it was a huge success. What a great day to be dressed in our orange Run T-shirts, walking and running to raise money for children with cancer and cancer research. The Terry Fox Run started in Canada after a young man who lost a leg to cancer decided he wanted to help raise money by running across Canada. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer but his legacy of raising money for cancer research and its victims lives on today through this charity event.

A big thanks to SAIS parent volunteers! They contributed their time and efforts to set up, help the students cross the road, prepare the music and clean up the venue. We hope the cooperation between the school and parents can provide a better leaning environment and organize better activities for students.

We wanted to thank all of the students, parents and staff for all of their efforts in making this even a success. Mr. Mike, our P.E. teacher and his students had set a goal of raising between 25,000- 30,000 RMB, at press time the goal has been achieved. With your efforts, we raised total 30,000 RMB. For the sponsorship of this event organizer as a school, SAIS will donate another 30,000 RMB, which bring us the total donation 60,000 RMB to help the children in need in Shenzhen Children’s Hospital.

Mr. Mike and a few of his students along with two parent volunteers along with will be delivering the money to the Shenzhen Children’s Hospital recently. All participants can be very proud of their efforts of coming together as a community to help Shenzhen children in need. Thank you, thank you, thank you!