G8-9 STEM: Builder’s Creator’s Auction


Auditorium/ 礼堂

The Builder’s Creator‘s Auction project combines the content area knowledge of three classes (Algebra, Geometry, and Biology). Students had assigned roles in each of their classes. They built sustainable aquariums, artwork from the ground up using acrylic glass. This semester’s project included building a fish tank using regular polygons (Euclidian construction and proofs) and conic shapes while calculating the probability of failure based on the materials they used. In the background, the algebra class acted as the finance, budget and appraisal department where they calculated cost, collected data and displayed the data using X, Y charts and lines of best fit to predict the future costs. The algebra team also appraised the construction work (including art work) from the geometry and they needed to work accurately for their final project: the auction they created and will manage.

Students will auction off their products in an online silent auction.. You can also see videos of students explaining how they created the fish tanks and auction.

小建设创造者的拍卖项目结合了三个学科(代数、几何和生物)的内容和知识。每学科学生都有分配的角色和任务。学生们用亚克力玻璃建造了可持续发展的水族箱和艺术品。这学期的学习项目包括用正多边形(欧几里得空间结构和证明)和圆锥形建造鱼缸,同时根据他们使用的材料计算失败的概率。过程中学生们在代数课上充当财务、预算和评估部门,他们需要计算成本,收集数据,并使用X、Y图表和最佳拟合线显示数据,以预测未来成本。  代数小组还从几何角度对建筑作品(包括艺术作品)进行了评估,他们需要精确地完成他们的最终项目:学生们组织的拍卖活动。