G6-9 Humanities: Beginnings, Values, Myths, and Stories


Room 32/ 32号教室

Where do our beliefs and our values come from? What are the stories that people have told and retold that have shaped who we are today? In this project, we learned about key texts and stories from around the world that have influenced people and societies to this day, including the Bible, the Qur’an, Confucian sayings, and Greek mythology. Students engaged in a debate about some of the ideas explored, wrote and edit their own stories, and produced a dramatic piece or vlog connected to the themes of the project.

You will see examples of their creative journals from the Odyssey and from Xi’an as well as a journal booklet about areas students studied in history class.  8th-9th grade students made a vlog about all the places they talked about in their journal booklet and 6-7th grade students wrote and created three scenes dramatized from myths that will be performed in the auditorium. Various writings from 6-9 will be also displayed including expository writing about the Odyssey and other nonliterary work about the field trip to Xi’an. Student work will be shared in Room 32.