G4-5: Change Makers, Science Museum


Rooms 25 and 26/ 25、26号教室

The goal of the project was to explore the positive changes in our lives. Students researched, learned, and shared their knowledge about scientists and other individuals whose works have contributed to present and future generations.  In this project we combined the STEM concepts of transferring matter, light, sound, and energy and the Humanities concepts of transferring ideas from influential change makers in society throughout history across multiple cultures and geographic locations.

Our students are leaving this semester with more knowledge, but also a keener ability to recognize what they do not know and how to ask good questions so that they can also be positive changemakers in our world.

Tonight, you will visit a “Living History Museum” where students will be acting out historical Change Makers that left a positive change on the world. For example, you will get to meet Einstein, get an autograph from Thomas Edison, and ask Ms. Tubman about her escape from slavery. Also, Marie Curie will make a guest appearance so you can congratulate her on her Nobel Prize for Physics and Chemistry. In the Science Museum, you will get to see a selection of scientific experiments, inventions and changes like the telegraph and camera.



今晚,您将参观“生活历史博物馆”,学生将在其中扮演历史上的变革创造者,这些改变为世界带来了积极的变化。例如,您将遇到爱因斯坦,获得托马斯·爱迪生(Thomas Edison)的签名,并询问塔布曼女士逃离奴隶制的情况。此外,玛丽·居里(Marie Curie)还将作为嘉宾出场,以便您祝贺她获得诺贝尔物理学奖和化学奖。在这个博物馆中,您将看到一系列的科学实验,从中观察其的发明和变化,例如电报和照相机。