Kinder A: Our Amazing Body!


Room 6/ 6号教室

This semester we focused on our bodies and how they work! Using the scientific method, we conducted different experiments, made predictions, and reported our conclusions, gaining more knowledge about our bodies.

How does our body work? Why does our nose run when we are sick? How does our body protect itself? What are the 5 senses, and what are their functions? Why is it important to eat healthy food and to be physically active?  Come see the body’s systems as you have never seen them before. Kindergarten A will provide you all the answers using real-size interactive body models. Please join us to explore our bodies from the inside out.

这学期我们探究了人体,研究我们的身体是如何工作的! 我们作出预测,进行了各种科学实验,得出最终的结论并进行报告。在此过程中获得了许多关于我们身体的知识!