Maker Space: SAIS Souvenir Project


May is the SAIS’s school souvenir month, and its theme is ‘Four houses, one school’. All students at SAIS had the opportunity to design a logo based on the theme. The ones have the most three votes would be the logo of the school souvenirs.

In the meanwhile, students from different classes explored different ways to be creative and make their own souvenirs with varieties of materials in the maker space, including badges, bookmarks, etc.

All their souvenirs will be displayed in the maker space. Besides this, we will provide materials for you to make your own souvenir. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.


May is our maker month. To change the world by inventing and creating has always been one of the educational concepts that SAIS insists. And maker education is highly valued at SAIS.


Design thinking is one of the cores of maker education. In May, combined with the cultural development of school and houses and maker design, the souvenir maker activity of SAIS houses was held in school. In this month, based on the theme of “Four Houses, One School”, each grade participated in different house souvenir designing and making activities.



1 Pompom making 毛线球制作

2 Badge making  胸牌制作

3 Four Houses, One School” souvenir design competition.“四个学院一个学校”纪念品设计大赛


In order to develop the culture of campus and houses, the whole school participated in the school souvenir logo design competition of 2021, under the theme “Four Houses, One School”. There were 41 students who submitted their designs, they were so creative.


The whole school voted on all 41 designs. There were three students selected for the designer of the year award. They are Coco and Phineas from the sixth grade and Ava from the eighth grade.


Coco’s design will be used for the cover picture of the student planner in next school year. The designs of Phineas and Ava are applied to the making of school souvenir caps and bags this school year.


Reservations for the house caps and bags are now open. If interested, please scan the OR code below to place your order:


Go, go, go!! Let’s Create!!! SAIS’s little makers.