Spring 2021 Exhibition of Learning


Shenzhen American International School will hold our Spring 2021 Exhibition of Learning on Thursday, June 3rd from 5:00-7:00 pm. The Exhibition is an opportunity for our students to present their learning and understanding through demonstration and conversation. Through events such as the Exhibition, students at SAIS develop a deeper understanding of academic content. This is because they have to talk and explain their work to others outside of the classroom, not just to the teacher who is traditionally the only adult who gives feedback to students. SAIS students also develop rich communication skills through these events.This year, SAIS Grade 8th math students will be hosting a live and silent auction at the end of the evening as part of their algebra project. The students will be sending out exciting information in the weeks to come.We wish to celebrate students’ achievement and the end of the school year with you and thank you for being a part of the SAIS family. Here is the agenda for the evening:

4:50 pm Live music performed by students

5:05 pm Opening Assembly in the auditorium

5:25 pm Exhibitions in classrooms

6:45 pm Classroom exhibitions end

6:45 pm Live and Silent Auction in the Auditorium

Please accept this letter as your formal invitation to attend this important event. We look forward to seeing you on June 3rd from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

今年,学校8年级学生将会在成果展快结束的时候举办一场现场和无声拍卖会作为他们数学几何项目的展示。学生们会接下来几周发出更多的信息。我们与您一起庆祝学生的成果的同时,也感谢您作为深美大家庭的一份子。以下是当天的日程安排:4:50 学生现场演奏音乐
5:05 礼堂成果展开幕式
5:25 各个教室成果展进行中
6:45 教室展览结束
6:45 礼堂现场和无声拍卖会届时您可以进入每一间教室进行参观,学生们将会在现场向您展示他们本学期进行的学习项目。诚邀您来深美学习成果展观看学生们介绍他们的作品以及分享他们学习的乐趣。期待6月3日5-7点与您相见!