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SAIS Sixth Terry Fox Run

The Sixth SAIS Terry Fox Run was a huge success! A special thanks to Mr. Mike and SAIS parent volunteers! SAIS students, parents and teachers were fully engaged in this meaningful event and there were some great house...

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SAIS Students Participated in Chinese Character Dictation Contest

中文,我们不放弃! 众所周知,国际学校的孩子需要两条腿走路:英文和中文。在此过程中无论学生、家长,还是老师、学校都需要面对各种抉择,毕竟孩子的课程课余时间和精力有限。深美国际学校从来没有松懈过对学生中文学习的努力。我们一直致力于在有限的时间内,让孩子尽可能多地感受中华文化和汉语言文学的魅力。同时,积极开展各种活动以增强学生们对中文学习的兴趣。...

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SAIS Spotlight Nov 10, 2020

This has been an exciting time for SAIS. In our Spotlight today we have a lot to catch up on so make sure you have time to read to the end! We are reporting on the first ever SAIS football team and their first football matches....

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