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What's going on this year at SAIS?

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Shekou Part 3: Banking

Opening a Bank Account Opening a bank account in China is simple. Foreigners can bring their passport to the bank to ask for the service directly. You do not need to provide proof of residence nor proof of income....

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Shekou Part 2: Getting Around

Traffic Pedestrians are advised to be ALWAYS careful when crossing the road in Shenzhen. Cars drive on the right hand side of the road. At some junctions of the road, cars are allowed to turn right even the traffic light is red....

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Shekou Part 1: Language and Climate

People & Language According to the 2010 census of Shenzhen, there are 10,357,938 ordinary residents living in Shenzhen. Together with the mobile resident (including foreigner and temporary resident), it s estimated a 14...

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