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Welcome to Shenzhen American International School! We want you to dive right into student life, so please check out the “Student Announcements” below, which are made available to all existing SAIS students!

Student Annoucements

Weekly Update 2020.3.20

Dear Parents, Happy Spring Break! A gentle reminder to remember to fill in the student weekly report as well as the form for whether your child will be returning or not next year. 1. SAIS Students Online Health and Location Weekly Report As the Covid-19 is spreading...

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Weekly Update 2020.3.3

Dear SAIS Community, It is strange to believe but there seems to be a more routine feel to this past week. There have been fewer problems and more students engaged. The teacher meetings are concentrating on improving how we teach by sharing ideas and methods. The...

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Weekly Update 2020.2.25

Dear Parents, Another week has gone rapidly past and we are thrilled to see so many of our students participating in our online program. For those students who are able to work independently with computers and the internet we are seeing live classes on a daily or...

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Weekly Update 2020.2.18

Dear Parents, This week we have seen an encouraging increase in the improvement of the ability of SAIS staff to reach and teach our students. We have age appropriate videos for our younger grades with some really exciting tasks and the video feedback has been so...

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A Letter from SAIS Admission Office

Dear Parents, Many of you have been asking how to take advantage of the early Bird fees. Due to the unique circumstances we would like to remind you that payment in cash at school is not possible and so please take advantage of the direct payment facility available....

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Weekly Update 2020.2.12

Dear Parents, Thank you for continuing to be a part of the SAIS community during this challenging time. We have now completed our first week with students studying online. We recognize that this is not an ideal situation but it is a problem every school in Shenzhen is...

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Dear SAIS Parents, Happy Wednesday! We are excited to see that students in every grade are continuing their learning through our new online learning program. Thank you for your support at home. Due to the severe situation in Shenzhen, SAIS believes that it will be...

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Fall 2019 SAIS Exhibition of Learning Invitation

Shenzhen American International School will hold our Fall 2019 Exhibition of Learning on Thursday, December 12th from 5:00-7:00 pm. The Exhibition is an opportunity for our students to present their learning and understanding through demonstration and conversation....

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