SAIS Chairman’s Dinner

At the conclusion of the Professional Development and Planning Day on 4thJanuary SAIS staff and families were invited to a special dinner by the Chairman of SAIS Mr Yao at Fuhai Technology Park. The Technology Park is owned by Mr Yao and here companies looking to develop new, cutting edge ideas, are able to locate in an environment that encourages start up’s in high tech industries. SAIS staff were given the opportunity to participate in presentaions by several of different companies who have interests in the world of education.


Witness the opening ceremony of Yungongchang 见证云工厂剪彩仪式

SAIS Staff were able to take part in the opening of a new office by who are developing an online service for clients wishing to find audited manufacturers in China for new products with design and prototype services also available. It was a reminder for our school staff that developing ideas into initial designs, prototypes and final build which is at the core of Project Based Learning is exactly how the real-world works. Our students are building the skills from the earliest age in SAIS to be able to recognise and take their place in the exciting world of work.



After a welcome speech by Mr Yao before dinner we were able to listen to presentations by the Baoan Foreign Language Association on the importance of cultural understanding and increased harmony between people of different countries, something that is at the heart of SAIS as an International School with students from many cultures.


Digital Manufacturing Ltd gave a presetation on Innovative Application of 3D Printing for Primary Education. At SAIS we have the capacity to use 3D printers, an area where rapid prototyping in industry has reduced times to market considerably in the past few years benefitting consumers and companies alike. Leju (Shenzhen) Robot technology Ltd continued in this high-tech vein with an interesting talk’ Humanoid Robots and International Youth innovative Education’.

同时,Digital Manufacturing Ltd.进行了有关3D打印在基础教育中的创新应用的演讲。而我们深美国际学校也在使用3D打印机,在过去的几年,该行业的快速原型制作大大缩短了产品上市时间,使消费者和公司都从中受益。乐聚(深圳)机器人技术有限公司负责人,专注于机器人核心技术研究的高科技企业代表,以《人形机器人与国际青年创新教育》为主题做分享,也让在场教育工作者备受鼓励,收获良多。

We were also pleased to hear from Mr Xue Yao from Shiweiluo Technology who addressed issues of ADHD with their study of neurofeedback from ADHD children in China, a condition that most teachers come across regularly in their teaching careers. Kari Guo whose Doctorate is in Human Development spoke about ‘Learning how to learn’ and how we teach our children to be learners and creators. Finally, our Principal Dr Laura Flaxman gave a presentation on Shenzhen American International School entitled SAIS – A school for the future.

施唯洛科技创始人的薛耀博士和我们分享德国科技成果转化《科技成就智慧 专业守护心灵》,通过研究中国多动症儿童的神经反馈来解决多动症问题,这也是大多数教师在其教学生涯中经常遇到的情况。来自宾夕法尼亚大学发展心理学Kari博士和我们分享了主题为《培养会学习的青少年》,跟在场所有教育学者一起探讨如何教会我们的孩子成为真正的学习者和创造者。最后,深美国际学校的校长劳拉·弗拉克斯曼(Laura Flaxman)博士也发表了主题《SAIS:A School for the Future》的精彩演讲,不仅让在座所有职场精英深入了解深美国际学校,项目学习法更是得到了所有不同领域的教育学者的高度认可。

It was an interesting evening and confirmed to each of us that SAIS is offering an education that the innovators in our world are looking for. Much of what was presented linked harmoniously with the methods and philosophy of Project based Learning and we invite any interested parent to contact us for a personalised tour of our school.