At this time of year much of the English speaking world use the Scottish Idiom ‘Out with the old, in with the new’.

Yesterday in SAIS our Principal Laura led the teachers in a Professional Development and planning session and she invited all the staff to write down any negative thoughts or concerns from 2020 and any positive intentions for 2021.

Staff were then led to the Roof garden area and the papers with the negative thoughts were then thrown into the Barbecue fire.

We are looking forward to seeing all of your children tomorrow for the first teaching day of 2021 with only the most positive intentions of making the school and the education for our students better than ever before.

We wish all of our parents and students a Happy 2021 and we know it will be our best year ever!

2021年新年第一天,深美国际学校老师们在校长Laura博士的带领下,享用丰富美味早餐 ,回顾和展望,气氛活跃,积极而充满希望💖 。

回顾2020年,每个人在礼堂用纸写下2020年自己最想要丢弃的负面消极事物❎ ,同时也写下对新的一年的憧憬和目标✅。老师们互相交流和分享,彼此加油打气,以最佳的状态,准备迎接从快乐假期中回归学校的孩子们。