Essential Questions

In what ways are we persuaded to think or act in a certain way?

What role does the form of communication play in how a message is received?

Learning Targets

  • I can get relevant information about my topic using the internet.
  • I can use facts to back up my argument.
  • I can write appropriate questions for an interview regarding the topic I’m researching.
  • I can arrange interviews.
  • I can research information about a topic and identify main ideas & summarize it.
  • For their final project grade 8/9 students worked in three separate groups to propose ways Shenzhen could be improved. They came up with three topics: silent public spaces, female seats on trains, and bike paths. As part of their project they made brochures and had to make a pitch for their idea in the auditorium. As part of their research they had to interview a peer and an adult and ask questions about their topics.  These interviews were conducted in the sound studio and recorded for a podcast.

    Ava & Ms. Amelia

    Ava interviews Simon: silent spaces 

    Ava interviews Tina: silent spaces 

    Cherry interviews Kim: bike paths. 

    Cherry interviews Ms. Ming: bike paths.

    Kim interviews Cherry: female seats on the train.

    Kim interviews Ms. Claire: female seats on the train.

    King interviews Phyllis: silent places

    Macy interviews Phyllis: silent places

    Phyllis interview Macy: bike paths.

    Phyllis interviews Ms. Laura:  bike paths.

    Simon interviews Ava: bike paths (bad quality).

    Simon interviews Mr. Nate: bike paths.

    Tina interviews Ava: female seats on trains

    Tina interviews Ms. Claire: female seats on trains

    Tina interviews Mr. Geoff: female seats on trains

    Tomy interviews King:  female seats on trains