We are celebrating our final week of the summer school by looking at some of the wonderful moments our students have enjoyed while improving their literacy. Over the four weeks of our Summer Extension, students at every grade level created their own books after reading books by others and writing and revising their own writing. Creating books is a great way of building literacy and we are excited about the incredible progress our students made this past month and the wonderful books they have made. Our 3-year-old children in ELE1 cannot read or write but they are working hard to develop an understanding of English so when they do come to write down their thoughts or read exciting stories, they understand what the words mean.

During summer school our ELE1 children have been focusing on literacy through opposites. Understanding opposites helps the children to compare things and gain a more concrete understanding of the different vocabulary we use. It is especially important for our ELE 1 class because it improves their ability to describe things. It is so exciting to see the children make more connections to the world around them and to be able to express their thoughts about it in English.

Understanding large and small

We have explored opposites through lots of hands on activities. We are spending a lot of time reading books and looking for opposites in the stories. The children are each make their own book of opposites throughout the month that we will compile at the end.

The class has been focusing on a different pair of opposites each day.  They have done several activities with each set of opposites.

They made a volcano, put up a tent, explored the school’s rooftop garden and looked at all the tall buildings around us, weighed the toys in their class and did lots of other fun things!

These activities help the children to connect the words to life. This focus has also helped the students to use the vocabulary that they have been learning all year. They have had a lot of fun discussions about “hot & cold,” “inside & outside,” “tall & short,” “heavy & light,” and several more.

Well done Miss Ellie, Jewel, Mandy and Sonia.


SAIS is proud of our excellence in teaching English. Many parents comment on the rapid progress our students make in their speaking, reading and writing English. The summer school is a great example of how the school makes this a priority.

Here we see our talented students Chloe and Alex from Kindergarten reading a grade 3 book! Well done!



The SAIS Reading Gallery

Reading their own work. So many great stories have been written. All ready to be compiled into their own book. Parents, look out for your student’s book when they come home Friday.

Not forgetting Chinese literacy!

Chatting about their work with friends.

Cynthia reading her story to her friends in Kindergarten class.