Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view

Black-footed Ferret 

By Macy Mai  

In the cave, my brother and sister and I sleep quietly. My mother is by my side. At night, my mother would go hunting, we will stay at home alone, waiting for my mother to come back but that night but there was no movement anymore. After a long time after, my brother and sister died one after another, and I was the only one left. 

To survive, I grew up so fast that I can go hunting by myself. But our staple food is groundhog.  It’s getting harder and harder to find. Many of my peers are starving because they dont have enough to eat, but I have survived tenaciously.  I miss my family every day when I go to bed… but don’t worry, I will survive. 

All of sudden, one day something appeared that walked on two legs. They built a lot of space. The land was also dug away by them. They grew a lot of fruits and vegetables. Although my companion tried to steal some food, they all failed. Marmots can easily pull vegetables out of here. I’m angry and sad because I’m starting to run out of food. After a few days, something strange happened. Ben’s groundhogs fell down one after another. I don’t know why, but this is my food source. I have to eat well. That’s my mother told me. I suddenly feel bad after eating. The dizzy thing is out of sight. The twolegged beasts came and took me and threw me into the river. I can’t move very hard. I slowly closed my eyes, and never breathed again. 

Why… the only thing we want to do is survive……