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Black and White 3.0

Nine-year-old Billy Whitmer was walking to school in the middle of Fall, enjoying the morning breeze, when it happened. It seemed like the sky was falling. UFO’s were flying everywhere, zapping people with their blasters. Whenever a blaster hit something or someone, they got paler and paler, until they were just black and white. After they were drained of color, they collapsed to the ground and didn’t move. Aliens ran out and attacked the fallen citizens, shooting spikes from their chests. “What in the world is happening!!!” Billy screamed.

He heard gun shots around the corner, people were beginning to fight back. He sprinted home but was weighed down by the heavy school bag that held his most precious possession – his stuffed sardine. He was torn between leaving the bag and getting home quickly. “I can’t leave you now sardine, we’ve been through too much together”. He picked up his bag and ran home as fast as he could. He made it home too late though…

When he finally got home, there were bodies everywhere, every single one of them was a pincushion of those strange spikes. The entire house and the bodies around it were all bleached of color. The front of the house had collapsed, but he knew his mother always left the kitchen window open. He heard someone in the living room. There was still hope that his mother was alive!

He crawled through the open kitchen window and rushed towards the living room. The most revolting creature to walk across the face of the Earth, crawled across the floor on seven long slimy tentacles, with razor suckers covering each one. Its face was by far the most gruesome part. It had a foot-long beak, black as midnight, bulging green eyes, that seemed to see everything and nothing, at the same time. Its skin was a deep purple, covered in red ooze. Billy was terrified! He started to run, and then he saw her…

His mother was laying across the sofa. He almost thought she was just sleeping, but then there was the blood pouring from the wound in her stomach where a grisly spike was protruding. The slight rise and fall of her chest were the only indication that she was still alive. He gasped, and the creature slowly turned around. It aimed its blaster at Billy’s face. Too scared to move, he stood there and watched the alien-looking creature pull the trigger. All Billy could see of the laser was a red streak, fast as a rocket. He felt as if he was being flipped inside out. A blanket of fear and sadness suddenly fell over him; How could he ever be happy again? He felt as if the happiness had been sucked out of him along with the color.

“Go…” his mother said, “Go… and don’t come back…”. He turned and ran for the kitchen window. He knew he had to follow his mother’s final order, but he wanted to run to her. He wanted to hold her hand and take her with him. He wanted to help her! But he knew he would never make with that “Thing” blocking his path to her. But before he could even get out of the living room, he was thrown to the floor. He didn’t know what had happened until he felt an incredible pain in his chest. It was as if an animal had awoken inside of him and was eating away at his very essence. He felt towards where the agonizing pain was coming from and felt a metal spike, much like the one he had seen stuck in his mother’s stomach. The overpowering metalic smell of blood attacked his nostrils.

“At least now I’ll see mom again” he said to himself. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and everything went dark…

                                                    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Billy woke up in a white room with nothing but the bed he was in and a strange window. It was completely black, and he could see nothing outside. The room smelled vaguely of blood and medicine. The spike that had impaled him was no longer in his stomach, he felt towards where the spike had been and felt something rubbery. He looked down and saw a big wad of duct tape stuffed into the hole. It was very itchy and uncomfortable. That’s when he noticed that the skin around the duct tape was still a pale grey, the same color as his hands and every other inch of skin on his body. “I’m still black and white.” he said to himself.

He looked around looking for his backpack. A feeling of dread came over him as he realized it wasn’t there. “Sardine?” he called, growing frantic, “Sardine?!?” He had left his bag in the living room with the alien when he tried to escape. That meant that his beloved sardine was probably traveling through the digestive system of a viscous, evil, alien. For the first time since he had woken up, he wondered where he was.

“Where am I?”  Billy asked himself. “You are in the last secure sector of the city.” said a hard, rough, voice, coming from a white box in the corner of the ceiling. Surprised by the reply, Billy jumped five feet in the air and hit his head on the ceiling. “Boy, what’s your name?” the voice asked. “Billy” still confused, looked around in amazement looking for the voice.

“Well Billy, welcome to base hotdog.” Billy snorted, “Seriously, that’s the name of your base?” “If you think it’s so funny, why don’t you go ahead and head out into the real world.” Billy flinches, “Sorry, it’s just a weird name for a military base.”Billy,” the voice said, “you are going to help us take back Earth…”

“You’re kidding. Those aliens are more than twice as tall as me. I’m only nine, and you freaking kidnapped me!!! Why would I help you?” “Because we saved your life, and, if you don’t, well you know, those aliens outside are always hungry…”  “What will I get out of it?” he asked tentatively. “Food, shelter, whatever you need to survive.” “Ok, when can I eat?” “Tomorrow. Goodnight Billy.”

                                                 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Years later as the battle continued to rage on, Billy had grown from an inexperienced little kid, into a trained veteran.  Billy had been training for years and excelled at hand to hand combat, though he was a pretty good sniper. Throughout that time the war had gotten worse and worse for the humans. They were about to launch one final attack against the alien strong hold in Saudi Arabia.

Aliens had taken over all North America and Asia. The resistance in Europe was being destroyed, and Australia had been completely wiped off the map, after the aliens had dropped a bomb that made everything disintegrate. South America was the last free continent, but the aliens were close to wiping them out too. Billy was in a base in Brazil. He was going to be in one of the first squads to attack the base.

“Listen up men!” yelled the instructor “These aliens are only here because of all of the color! Our spies have reported that after they drain the color of someone, they inject it into themselves. From the aliens that we have captured, we also know that if they don’t get the color, they will wither up and die. They can’t drain the color of a dead person though, so if you are captured, it is better to take your own life then help the aliens survive!”

The night before the attack, the alarms went off… “Everyone get to the bunkers!” a voice on the intercom yelled. That was just before hundreds of thousands of aliens stormed the base. The rebels fell by the thousands. Billy fought alien after alien with his trusty frying pan, trying to stun rather than kill.   But every time one knocked one down, three more took its place.

That night, across the world, aliens attacked and destroyed hundreds of the remaining rebel bases. Even when the others surrendered Billy kept fighting until he reached the exit. There was a group of rebels getting into the cars. “Wait!” Billy yelled. The others waited only long enough for Billy to jump in the back of the truck. They had made it. Billy had escaped along with Gary, Joe, and Bubble.

“How do you think they knew we were about to attack?” asked Gary. “I bet that they had a spy,” Joe replied, “that’s the only possible way they could’ve known!” “But who would side with the aliens?” countered Gary. “If there was a spy, they must have been one of the generals, they were the only people that knew the places of all of the different bases.” “What do we do now?” asked Bubble. “Now…” said Billy “now we wait.” He wondered if anyone saw the unease in his face …


                                                              * * * * *  *  * *  *  * *  *  * *

As they, waited Billy thought back to his training.  He had been taught to hate aliens, to despise them, taught that they were the enemy, he didn’t believe them. Though he hated them for killing his mother, he knew that not all of them were bad. At the very beginning of his training, one of the first tests they had given him was to live for a week in the city, if he survived, then they said he could start the “real training”.

On his first night he was walking around a corner and ran headfirst into an alien. He thought he was dead, but the alien looked just as scared as he was. It started making a sound deep in its chest that sounded like it was gurgling. Billy started to run away thinking that at any moment he would feel the cold touch of steel in his back. When it didn’t come, he looked back, the alien was peeking around the corner.

“Hello,” Billy said tentatively, “are you going to impale me?” The alien just made another gurgling noise. It waved one tentacle towards Billy. Billy paled, or at least he would’ve if he wasn’t already black and white. The alien inched towards him, tentacle still reaching out. What would I do if it attacked? Billy thought to himself. Luckily, the alien didn’t attack, but rather helped him. The alien brought him food and water, it helped Billy make a little hut woven out of metal wires. Billy quickly grew fond of his new alien companion. He named the alien Stewart.

Stewart taught Billy the alien language and in turn, Billy taught Stewart English. Soon they were able to converse with either, often switching back and forth between the two. Stewart would talk about why aliens had come to Earth. Billy would talk about his family. They learned all kinds of things from each other. They realized that their cultures weren’t that different. After the week was up Billy returned to base hotdog.

The rest of his training went by in a sort of haze. Billy remembered the first time they had him shoot a gun. Even though he had never even seen a gun before, it felt as if he had been using one all his life. He hit the target every time without fail. He remembered the alien classes, where the teacher would lecture them about how awful aliens were for two hours. His favorite class though, was cooking class. He could make the most delicious Ceviche-Style Shrimp Cocktail. Cooking class was also where he learned how to use a frying pan.

Billy knew that it was the humans who were in the wrong, they had attacked first. Nobody except for him, and the scientists at NASA knew. NASA had sent a space shuttle into the far-off galaxy of Blahhhhhhh. They had landed on planet Blahhh and mercilessly attacked the native aliens. They had stolen the aliens’ young and brought them back to Earth to experiment on them. The aliens had come to Earth to find their children.

But only Billy and his alien friends knew that he was the spy. After hearing how the humans had attacked the aliens on their home planet, he knew he had to do something to help. Billy had told them how to access the base, he had told them the humans were about to attack the alien home base. He had even told them the secret recipe of his famous Ceviche-Style Shrimp Cocktail.

Billy knew that if his friends found out they would kill him, he had to escape. After everyone had gone to sleep, he stole the truck drove to the alien base where they welcomed him with open tentacles. Billy had finally found a home.


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