Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view

Only Fur Will Survive

I love the rain in the morning, especially here, on top of the mountain where it is closer to the clouds. We had goat for breakfast. We hid behind the rocks for hours, and then finally we saw a goat walking in the distance, we snuck up and jumped on him.  I was so tired after eating I fell asleep. I had a good dream, there were many goats in the dream. And I woke up feeling a little thirsty. I called my brother and went to find water with me.

Then we saw a strange animal with a sharp stick, then my brother told me that strange animals were called humans and they were very dangerous. Then I asked my brother why they were dangerous, then he told me they had killed many of our kind. I asked why they were killing our kind and he said because they wanted our fur. Anyway, stay away from them he said. The first thing we did was to go and tell the cubs who were playing around behind a big rock.

“Hey! Come up here!” I screamed.

“What? What is the problem?” answered the cubs.

As I was finishing my message I saw Daniel shot by the human. I growled and showed my teeth and ran down to attack the human when I got shot and fell to the ground. I limped away to the higher rock as I watched them take away Daniel.

His fur the only thing that will survive.


Final Project Film