Milestone 1 Creative writing image prompt


Jasper stood in front of the graves of his parents, “Father, Mother, you guys were both great hunters. I don’t know who killed you, but I know what I need to do now.” When Jasper finished, he turned around, prepared to go back to his old house that his parents had left him. Under the house was a hidden room full of weapons. In the big long glass cabinet were a gun and a spear.  Both weapons were his parent’s.

“Jasper! Wake up! Time for school.”  Jasper woke up and saw his “butler”, a robot called Ziegler.

“OK, Ziegler which school am I’m going to?” Jasper yawned.

“Oh! You naughty little boy, HHTS (Hunters and Huntresses Training School). Now get up you nine-year-old boy!”

“Come on, I’m ten.” Jasper argued.

“Technically, you’re not. Your birthday isn’t until tomorrow, now go and get off bed then get your weapon! I will drive you there,” Ziegler said seriously.

Jasper put his head on the branch of the bed and thought, “Why would someone kill my parents?” His face was a mask of helplessness, he really wanted to sit in a small corner and cry, he needed to release all his negative feelings.

“Are we there yet?!” Jasper complained.

“Can you stop complaining my little gentleman? This is the thirty-fifth time you have asked me.” Ziegler answered.  Twenty-five minutes later. “We’re here!” Ziegler said excitedly.

“Finally!” Jasper sprinted into the school building without even bumping into another students.

Ziegler went into the headmaster’s office and said, “Here is his tuition fee.” Then walked out.

Headmaster Spencer nodded, “Still like that the cold-blooded war support machine, even after the GOUST war back in 1939s.”

*  *  *  *  *. * *  *  * *  *  *

1955, August 12. The first day in of school for Jasper. “Now let’s start the grouping ceremony,” head-master Spencer said calmly. “Jasper, Oskar, Helen, and Nora form team JOHN! Jasper will be the leader of this team.” They walked up the stage quickly and then headmaster Spencer started handing out a special medal that had “JOHN” carve out on it.  Soon they went to their dormitory.

“Now, let’s start decorating our room,” Jasper said.  No one said anything. “Come on do you guys need an ice breaker?” Jasper asked confused. “Fine, let’s start with this – whoever has the ball in this game must do a self-introduction. Jasper looked around the awkward people around him.  “OK, I will start, I’m Jasper,  I’m nine years old, tomorrow is my birthday. I was born in the year 1940. And . . .   he cleared his voice . . . my parents died when I was three years old.”  Jasper finished and threw the ball to Nora.

“I’m Nora, nice to meet you all. I’m nine years and six months old, and my birthday is March 5th. My parents… went out to work and haven’t come back home yet, they may still be working.” Nora smiled then threw the ball to Oscar.

Oscar’s face quickly grew red as he slowly said, “Hi, I am Oscar…, I am …umm… eight years old, and was born on August 29th.” He then passed the ball quickly to Helen, she turned around.

Helen said plainly, “I’m Helen, ten years old. Born on October 2nd. Oscar is my little brother, you can call him Oz. I call him that because he’s like the character Oz in ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’.”

“Sister!” Oscar shouted angrily.

“What?!” Helen replied.

“Fine.” Oscar said sulking.

“OK, now that everybody knows everybody, we can start decorating our

room.” Jasper said.

“OK, let’s start decorating.” everyone agreed.

Everything went well, every single corner was filled with the imagination of the person who decorated it. The only problem was that there was no more room for the four beds!


A few moments later Nora shouted, “How about a double-deck bed?”

“Nice idea, but how do we make our own double-deck bed?” Helen asked

“Let’s hang them up!” Jasper said.

“Or we can stack them up with the books that we won’t read!” FINISHED “Now the last thing to do is… class. Wait! Is it 7:54?” Jasper shouted. Everyone ran as fast as they could with their learning materials.

Mr. Spenser stood in front of the hall yapping and yapping. All that he heard was, “All the 4th graders, we have four teams, two teams have the same schedule, the two teams can help each other.   Automatically they went to their separate teams.  They followed the schedule until it was lunch.  While they were sitting in the cafeteria they talked about the teachers! They talked about their favorite teachers. Jasper said he liked Mr. W, the fighting skills teacher. Helen said she liked Miss. Ann, because she talked all about the Bmbga (the monster that destroyed everything that was alive and their weaknesses. Oscar and Nora didn’t have a favorite teacher yet.

After lunch they had another class with Mr. W.  They fought a real Bmbga deep in the forest. In the deep forest Jasper and his teammates were highly aware of their surroundings.  Suddenly a crocodile like Bmbga ran out of the bushes. It was a big one. It had black skin and red eyes and it was heavily armed.  It ran towards them and roared.   Team JOHN quickly jumped away from the giant Bmbga and pulled out their weapons,  getting ready to fight.

At first the team was very massy no one listened to anyone. Very fast, all of them fell on to the ground.

“What shell we do?” Oscar asked.

Jasper thought for a moment and said, “I have a plan.”

“What plan! It’s getting closer!” Nora screamed.

“See, it is heavily armed, but only one place is not, the mouth. I can use my weapon to blast a grenade into his mouth and make it explode from the inside.” Jasper said calmly.

“Then let’s do it!” Nora shout excitedly.

Everyone ran up to the beast  – then quickly went in different directions –  confusing  the beast as to  which one to chase.  So it stood in the middle and started thinking.  At this moment Nora used her weapon, a big hammer and put it inside the beast’s mouth then Oscar quickly used his staff to freeze the beast. Helen used four boomerangs to staple it on the floor. At last Jasper went in front of the beast and threw a grenade into the Bmbga’s mouth and laughed, “Goodbye, monster!” Nora quickly took out her hammer, Oscar and Helen backed up to a safer place, and Jasper jumped behind a big stone and counted “3…2…1!” —boom the monster blasted into pieces and soon evaporated into black gas.

“Well done everyone, you guys are all invited to a dance party tonight, come to the school’s assembly hall at 7: 35,” Mr. W said and came out from behind the bushes.

“Hey!” all of team John’s team shouted excitedly.

That night was a happy night; everybody enjoyed it. There was all kind of performants, there were music, there was even some older grades dancing together leaving the younger ones with one question “Why are they hugging each other?”

The next day, Jasper woke up and took out the old pocket watch that his father gave him when he was two, but this is what Ziegler told him.

“What! It’s 10:27!” Jasper was shocked.

“Today is Sunday, Relax.” Oscar said drowsy.

“Oh~” said Jasper then lay down and went back to sleep.  when they woke up again it was already 12:34!

On Monday it was test time.  It was set to see  have the student from higher grade could graduate and go to the beat hunter training program “Wlim”.

In the afternoon Jasper were asked if he will be willing to go with Mr. W to go and see the higher grade’s test. Jasper was amazed that he was chosen and went along with Mr. W.

Mr. W cautioned him to stay behind him.  “I don’t know what the older grades will do to you; they might bully you.”

“It’s fine, I will beat them up if they do anything to me.” Jasper said and make a posture that he is ready to fight.

“OK, but don’t start a fight.” Mr. W said seriously.

A few moment later, Jasper come out of the testing room and his teammates quickly came near him and asked, “What happened, what do you see in there?”

Jasper said very calmly, “they are so like three years old students –  easy to win them when they fight me.”

“What?! They are all sixth graders!” Helen said in a surprised tone.

Jasper shook his head and said, “No, they are three years old but taller than me.”

Helen nearly fell to the ground, but Mr. W came out the run all stand still. “Jasper, how do  you even have the ability to do that? To beat five sixth graders up?” Mr. W asked confusedly.

“What? They really are sixth graders.” Jasper asked back.

Mr. W said nothing and shook his head, Jasper  felt like nothing just happened.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


The next day Jasper was taken to the office of Mr. Spenser.   Mr. Spenser was very serious. He had his both hands on the table and crossed his finger. When Jasper came in, he asked the teacher to go out and wait and close the door, so that no one heard.

“So, Mr. Jasper how did you do that?” Mr. Spenser questioned.

“What? You mean the beating up of the sixth graders?   They thought I was a weak chick!” Jasper said with a little anger.

“Wow calm down sir, I’m here to talk with you because your gene has a special ability.   Maybe it comes from your parents, but who knows. But I’m sure your parent were great hunters because of your fighting skills and the special ability.” Mr. Spenser said.

“But I still don’t know what my special ability is, Mr. Spenser” Jasper said.

“There are not so many Hunters who have your special powers, but some great Hunters have that kind of power, like Willem Aper, Kila Nonromance and so on” Mr. Spenser said looking back to Jasper.

“So that is why they are successes?” Jasper continued to ask Mr. Spenser.

“No, but it will help them.” Mr. Spenser looked outside the window and said.

“Oh~, so can I go now?” Jasper asked

“Yes, you may when I need you, I will call you back into this room” Mr. Spenser said looking back at Jasper.

When Jasper came back to his dormitory he jumped on his bed and quickly fell asleep. What he didn’t know was, what the others said about this event, but he didn’t care.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


When Jasper woke up and got out of bed, he went towards the kichen to see what was left to be his breakfast, but when he arrived to the kichen Helen, Oscar, and Nora jumped out shouting  “happy birthday!”

“What?! My birthday was three days ago!” Jasper said confused

“We  know, but we just wanted to celebrate because that day we were all so busy.” Nora said happily.

“Oh~, that’s why.” Jasper said slowly.

“Let’s celebrate it!” Nora shouted excited.

“But don’t we have class today?” Jasper asked with a little confusion.

“Oh! Then, we must go to class now.” Nora said embarrassed.

“We still have time when we come back.” Helen said to Nora.

When they came bake there was a man standing in front of the window, it’s Mr. Spenser, who was  waiting for Jasper. He said, “I’m sorry for interrupting your celebration,  but I need Jasper to come to my office now”

“OK, sorry guys.” Jasper said to his friends.

“It’s OK, we can do it tomorrow too.” Oscar said to Jasper

“Then, bye guys I’ll be back very soon,” Jasper said while walking out the door

“Bye!” the rest waved to Jasper.

When Jasper reached the office there were many guards standing outside the door of the office.   Jasper walked right in and saw Mr. Spenser and Mr. W standing in front of a big screen.

“What was happening?” Jasper whisper to Mr. W

“Oh, your ‘power’ has caught the attention of prime of other country.” Mr. W whispered back to Jasper.

“But why?” Jasper asked back.


“Shhh and learn,” Mr. W said to Jasper and quickly looked back to the big screen.

“Yes, yes he is here.” Mr. Spenser said the big face in the middle of the screen.

“Where’s he? Show us – this is a great found!” the big face said.

“OK, OK Jasper come here.” Mr. Spenser said to Jasper.

Jasper walked to the front of the big screen and said “Hi” to the big face and other big faces.

“What?! A little boy?” one of the big faces said in surprise.

“What? Am I not supposedly being a little boy?” Jasper asked back.

“Fine, what’s your ‘power’ then.” the big face asked again.

“I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.” Jasper said.

“What?! You don’t even know what your ‘power’ is?” another big face asked.

“So, what!” Jasper shouted back.

Mr. Spenser stopped the conversation and said, “It is too late, he needs some sleep.” and he ended all calls.

“Jasper, your power is too strong and other countries’  leaders want to train you as their weapon, this kind of ability is really a rare find.” Mr. Spenser looked at Jasper when he said it, he was very serious.

“Why? They still have other people like me!” Jasper said impatiently.

“Remember when you first came to school.   Some staff took some of your blood?” Mr. Spenser asked.

“Yes.” Jasper answered.

“We found out that you have a special power to  freeze time, but only for twelve seconds.   And you still have another special power – the power has  weakened your enemy twenty percent.  That explains how you could easily beat the higher grades.” Mr. Spenser told Jasper.


“And now you need some sleep my little gentleman” a voice from behind said.  “Ziegler?” Jasper looked back.

“Yes, indeed. And now go back to your room and go to sleep, your body is still growing.” Ziegler replied.

Jasper walk out the room, “That is why they died. . . They were too strong . . .”


Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view

To whom that felled

“Hi, I’m a whale, a blue whale actually, or you can call me Balaenoptera musculus but the best is to call my name, my name is Ida, and I live near the north pole and yes I am really a whale. My parents are both nice, they help humans, but my father was killed by a human he saved, after that Mom and I lived quite lonely without daddy. How bad the humans are, what do they want from us whales?” Ida said to the air.

“Ida! Time for lunch. Here is your favorite dish, Krill!” her mom, Ira shouted.

“I’m coming Mom!” Ira swam towards her mom.

Millions of millions of Krill, they are all together, now someone can have a nice meal. Ida swam towards the Krill and opened her mouth, the Krill can’t get away, they all went in Ida’s belly.

“Do you want some? Mom, it’s delicious!” said Ida asking her mom.

“No, I had some,” replied Ida’s mom Ira.

The next day Ida woke up being very excited because she and her mother were going south across the Atlantic ocean. It was five in the morning when they started their journey, and Ida’s mom had told her not to go too far.

In the afternoon the two of them arrived near Portuguesa and they met their first challenge, the whale hunt men.

“Ida, stay near me and don’t make a noise. We will have to go deeper,” Ira whispered to Ida.

“Yes, Mom,” Ida replied quietly.

They quietly went under the huntsmen, but when they were almost done Ida said, “Mom, I need air.” She was almost out of breath so she went up fast and breathed but it caused the huntsmen to notice them so Ida and her mom started to swim quickly but Ida’s mom had been shot by a fish spear connect to a boat so she couldn’t get further.

“Go! Ida go! I don’t blame you, go on! Don’t let the blue whales down! Go!” shouted Ira to Ida.

“Mom! I can’t do it without you!” Ida cried.

“Go! You are my last hope!” Ira said with her last breath because the wounded skin was being pulled so it was growing bigger.

Ida cried and left her mom without a goodbye.

Ida swam and thought about her mom and she cried and cried until a voice came from the back saying, “Darling, why are you crying like this? What just happened?”

Ida quickly turned over and saw another family of blue whales. “My mom’s life was taken by humans,” Ida answered the question that the mom asked.

“If you like you can come with us,” said the dad.

“Yeah, then I’ll have a friend to play with!” the little whale behind his mom said.

“Yes, Billy, but it’s her choice to come with us or not,” the mother said to her little boy.

“I’ll come, by the way, where are we going?” she said blowing some bubbles out from her nose.

“We are going to the south pole,” said the mother.

“if we are lucky, we might see the lost city of Atlantis! I’ve only seen that once in my whole life!” the dad said excitedly.

“Can I ask a question madam?” Ida asked the mom.

“Yes, you may,” answered the mother.

“How would I call you guys?” asked Ida a bit shy.

“I’m Billy,” said the boy coming out from behind his parent.

“I’m Billy’s mother Mary,” said the mother.

“And I’m Ben, Billy’s father. What’s your name little girl?” the daddy asked.

“I’m Ida,” answered Ida.

“OK, everyone knows everyone now then let’s start moving south!” Mr. Ben said excitedly.

A few moments later…

Are we there yet dad?Billy complained.

“Son, you have to be patient if you want to see Atlantis,” Mr. Ben said to Billy.

“Wait! I saw it! It’s right there—see!” Mr. Ben pointed at the direction where the ‘lost city’ was but it was not lost! There are humans that have evolve! They can turn into humans with legs and humans with fish tales

After a while of watching Billy asked, “Can we go nearer?”

“Nope. If we go near, they will think we are going to destroy their country,” Mr. Ben answer ded Billy’s question.

“Let’s keep going. Better go faster if you don’t want to be caught,” Mr. Ben warned us.

Then they left the lost city and keep on going to the south pole.

“Do you guys know there is a legend about south pole?” Mr. Ben asked curiously.

“No, but what legend?” replied Ida.

“The challenge that if you pass you will be reborn as a human,” Mr. Ben answered.

“Quick! Hide behind the stone. No time to explain!” Mr. Ben shout at us. We’re confused then we all hid behind a stone. Then two humans in a kind of special clothing came near but our stone was as big as a mountain so they left us. but Mr. Ben told us— “not them.”

Then we all became silent, and soon we heard a sound coming from the south west—the killer whales. The killer whale was looking for something. Billy wanted to leave but it is dangerous to appear in front of a killer whale. The killer whale sent a signal then two more killer whales came!

“Billy, you go with Ida we will meet you at the south pole, remember Billy don’t run around and get lost stay Ida, I love you my boy, go around because you are still small, go!” Mr. Ben said to Billy.

“Father what about you?” Billy said the Mr. Ben

“Care about yourself Billy you are the future,” answered Mr. Ben.

Then Ida and Billy left the place and went around the killer whale and headed south so they tried not to make any sounds and they did it. Billy was worried about his parents and Ida told him, “They will be fine. Don’t worry we have to get to south pole.”

A few minutes later they arrive at the south pole, but Billy’s parents hadn’t arrived, so we waited and waited. We waited for two days. Billy started to cry and he said, “They are not coming back—they’ve gone!”

“Billy, they haven’t, they are still alive! See!” Ida told Billy.

Billy stopped crying and saw his parents swimming towards him.

“Billy!” shout Ms. Mary.

“Mom!” shout Billy.

They hugged each other and said how much they missed one another, and Mr. Ben came back but with some injures.

“What’s wrong dad?” Billy asked Mr. Ben.

“Nothing, it will be better tomorrow,” answered Mr. Ben.

And they went on, they all stayed in the south pole for a long time. One day Billy and Ida were outside playing and a shark came and Ida tried to protect Billy and told Billy, “Go tell your parents!”

And Billy started swimming to his parents and Ida was ready to fight the shark.

The shark swam around Ida and Ida gazed at the shark and then the shark quickly attacked Ida and Ida use her tail to slap the shark, and the shark moved a little back and quickly got into fighting mode then the shark opened his mouth and it was all bloody teeth. Ida was scared but she hadn’t given up.  She still had somebody to protect, but the shark bit the left side of Ida’s back. Ida felt uncomfortable so she tried to shake the shark away but she felt like she couldn’t move—she had no strength to fight the shark. Mr. Ben is here! He used his tail to hit the shark and the shark ran away. Mr. Ben turn around and asked Ida, “You will be fine, Ida we will try to save you.”

“It’s no use, I already feel weak, even when I’m talking right now,” said Ida in a weak voice.

When Ida finished, she closed her eyes and fell to the bottom of the ocean. On the ocean floor there is a sacrificial altar of some old civilization, but it’s not important anymore, and Ida fell on the sacrificial altar and the altar started to glow and the body of Ida disappeared.  A bright light shined at Ida’s eyes then she opened her eyes— she was a human now! She had legs and arms and she was like a fish out of water, but she quickly adapted to her new body.

She walked around the city like a lost traveler, she bumped into a man and she turn around and said, “Sorry.” She didn’t know how she knew human language, but she didn’t care because standing in front of her was a handsome young man.

They young man smiled and asked, “You are a beautiful lady, but you don’t seem like a person from this country.”

“Yes, I am not from this country,” said Ida.

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Billy, I’m twenty-two years old, what’s your name?” asked Billy.

“I’m Ida, nice to meet you,” answered Ida.

“Nice to meet you too, Ida,” replied Billy.


Milestone 3 Dramatic Dialogue

Final Project Film