Spring Project:  Exploring Sustainability   Have you ever wondered what happens when Earth runs out of resources for us to use? In this project, we learn about sustainability.  We will explore what it means to create something that can be used over and over again so that we can continue living on our planet.  Learners will engage with the qualities that make our ecosystems and cities sustainable, take a closer look into how poverty threatens sustainability, and concluding with the construction of our own version of a sustainable city.  It’s been a long journey, and we’d like to share some of our hard work and experiences with you! Enjoy our exhibition!

Essential Questions

  • What makes an ecosystem sustainable?
  • What about a city?
  • What are the many challenges of poverty?
  • How do we create sustainability?

Individual Portfolio

Judy Sohn

Phin Abbott

Karl Song

Bess Mo

Coco Wan

Ann Guo

Amy Hu

Angela Shan

Aziza Purser

Jack Xu

James Wu

Jason Wen

Daniel Xiao

Abby Huang

David Liu

Jennifer Tao

Yuki Guo

Steven Ding

Micheal Zhu

Ricky Zhou

Jason zhu

Luke Sohn

Jorrin Ng