Back to School at SAIS

May 18, 2020

We made it through our first week of being back on campus for grades 4 and up and wanted to let you know about some of the amazing things that are happening.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had the staff on campus going through trainings to make sure that we were ready when our students were allowed back on campus.  We also had our amazing staff cleaning and preparing the facilities.

The students did a fantastic job of following instructions and got quickly to their classrooms on Monday.  After that we started off the day with an online community meeting.  We welcomed everyone back and also went over the new guidelines provided by the government.  Teachers reviewed the new rules in class making sure students knew how to line up, how to eat in the lunch room, how to act in class, how to properly dispose of masks, along with many other new rules.  All of the students were excited to learn that as long as they maintained social distancing guidelines that they didn’t need to wear masks during PE.

All of the teachers have worked hard every day this week reminding the students and talking with them about the importance of washing hands, wearing masks, and social distancing and I have been amazed at the student’s willingness to change habits in order to make sure we all continue to be safe.

While the school has had a concerted effort to implement the extra precautions in order to protect the safety of our community, and this has changed the look of the classrooms, the core of who we are has not changed.  It has been a joy as we have watched the teachers back in physical classrooms.  Focusing on sustained inquiry, student choice, and high academic standards is still what we stand for at SAIS.  Our teachers have been so excited to connect with the students again in person, and the students have done an amazing job making the jump from online classes to onsite.  Our teachers are running both onsite and online support as they move forward.

We are looking forward to next week with 1-3 graders returning and we plan on having it be just as smooth as this week has been.

Thank you to our wonderful teachers and all that they have done!  We look forward to the day that we can have all of our students on campus again.  We would also like to thank our parent community for all of the work they have done, and continue to do, in helping their children get to online classes and finally be ready to be back at school.  We appreciate all of you!


In Community,

The SAIS Leadership Team