Today we are excited to see the project that our Grade 3 students have been working on.

The students undertook the role of reporters and created a mind map on the effects and management of Covid19 in China. This mind map gave birth to our “SAIS Edition – Covid19” – reporting on the Covid19 in China and other countries of choice.

The newspaper allowed students voice and choice regarding the topics combining both group and individual creativity.

The project plan was developed and the key milestones were:

  1. China and Covid19
  2. Social distancing solutions
  3. Instructions on making a Diorama
  4. Word Search on Covid19
  5. The fashion industry during the lockdown – designing a medical mask
  6. Changes in businesses as a result of Covid19
  7. Introducing sport, music and art during Lockdown
  8. Hobbies and Crafts
  9. Parent Talk

The first work was to create a mind map. What do the students know, improve the map as information becomes available. Use it as a living document. Here we see some results from Grade 3:


Students working on their Grade 3 assignment.

An example of a mind map from Katie.

The class mind map.

Students understand how to prevent the spread of the virus.

The students are creating a script for a short film on how to prevent the spread of virus. Here is a sample of the script:

We are all excited to see the final result at the Exhibition of Learning!

In addition to all this work Grade 3 students have been completing other literacy and maths work.

Here we have some work on Prepositions and Conjunctions.

Some examples of maths work, plotting on graphs and arrays.

What great work and congratulations to our Grade 3 students and Miss Tammy who has led this project.

Congratulations to you all!