Dear Parents,

We are so excited to be re-opening SAIS! While we very much look forward to seeing at least some of our students again in person soon, it is important that everyone is aware that, for safety reasons, the experience will feel very different from how it was before. We are doing are best to resume our unique education program to the best of our abilities, but there will also need to be many new restrictions in place that maintain distance between students. Below are the guidelines for both parents and students.

We will continue to be as creative as we can in offering Project-Based Learning and fostering our SAIS family within the limitations caused by maintaining social distancing and safety standards. When students return, they will have to stay in certain rooms and with limited groups of other students, without the freedom of movement that we are all used to. Thank you in advance for everyone’s understanding, and for helping us to re-open the school safely and successfully.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Guidance to Parents

1. We will prepare one mask per day for every student; we suggest that parents prepare some spare masks for their children, in case they get dirty or lost. However, masks with exhaust valves are prohibited.

2. Students should bring their own drinking cups or water bottles and limit the use of disposable drinking cups; Please fill the water bottle before they come to school.

3. Parents should prepare hand sanitizer for use on the way to and from school.

4. Students are not allowed to bring alcohol disinfectant spray to school. It is recommended to use disinfecting wet wipes.

5. Students can bring snacks to school, but only for own consumption, not to share with others.

6. Self-driving, biking, or walking are recommended; Wear a mask and try not to touch public items when using public transportation.

7. Please take your child’s temperature every morning and evening. If you find that your child’s body temperature is higher than or equal to 37 degrees at home, or if you notice that he/she has dry cough, vomiting, diarrhea and other discomforts, please don’t send him/her to school. Instead, you should consult a doctor immediately and inform the teacher. A certificate issued by the doctor should be received and verified by the school nurse before a child is allowed to return to school.

8. Please disinfect the surface of the water bottle and backpack everyday after your child gets home.

9. Open the windows for vitalization at least twice a day, and 30 minutes/time. Keep the house clean and tidy and avoid excessive disinfection.

10. Refrain from dining out. Use serving chopsticks and spoons when dining with others.

11. Try to keep the “two-point” life between home and school, reduce outdoor activities, and avoid visits to crowded public places.

12. Parents are not allowed in the school building before 9am. You can visit the admission office with an appointment between 9am-4pm. Up to two visitors are allowed in the admission office at the same time.

13. Please pick up your child on time.

Guidance to Students

1. Students must wear a mask when going out.

2. When you arrive at the school, you need to line up outside the school gate to measure your body temperature and maintain a social distance of one meter from each other.

3. After entering the campus, do not gather in the lobby on the first floor. You need to go directly upstairs to your classroom, wash your hands first, and then sit in your own seat.

4. Wear masks during class, do not change seats, and do not touch others’ books and stationery and other items.

5. If you feel uncomfortable during the class, you must notify the teacher immediately and follow the teacher’s instructions.

6. If you are indoors, you must wear a mask and keep a distance of at least one meter from each other.

7. When having a recess outdoor, you can take off the mask. However, you must maintain a distance of at least one meter from each other, and do not engage in intense activities or games.

8. Masks must not be placed or thrown randomly. Do not use other’s masks, and do not exchange masks with others. If your mask is lost or you are not sure whether the mask is yours, you must notify the teacher to get a new one.

9. At lunchtime, you need to wash your hands first, and then sit on the bench as directed take off the mask and put it next to your seat. You can’t move around without permission, don’t talk with the students around you. If you have any questions, you can raise your hand to tell the teachers. After lunch, students need to sit and wait for the teacher’s arrangement for outdoor recess.

10. Students who bring their own meals, need to clean up the tableware and keep them properly after lunch. Remember to take them back to the classroom after lunch time.

11. After lunch, please follow the teacher’s instructions to wash your hands, have your temperature taken, and change masks.

12. Since the space of the bathrooms are relatively narrow, please do not enter the bathroom together with many other students. After using the toilet, you must wash your hands strictly in accordance with the “seven-step washing method”.

13. Do not bring snacks to share with others, and do not accept snacks shared by others.

14. When school is over, follow the instructions of the teacher and line up to leave the designated school gates. If your parents have not arrived, you must wait in the lobby on the first floor accompanied by the teacher. You cannot move around the campus without permission. Never stay in the admissions center or reception area.

15. Students who take the school bus must pass the temperature test before they can get on the school bus. You must sit in your own seat, and cannot change it without permission. You must wear a mask on the school bus. Do not chat with other students.