Amazing SAIS Parents,

As you all know we have been working non stop for the past two weeks to make sure that the school was ready for the return of our 1st grade and above students. Our staff has been working long hours on the weekends and evenings to make sure that we followed all of the Education Bureau’s guidelines, we have had multiple inspections which we passed, tested all of our teachers, and also gave many trainings on how to best help our students be safe and move forward with all of the new restrictions.

Because of continued worry about COVID 19 and the grade direction from the authorities, the Shenzhen Outbreak Prevention and Control Command along with the Education Authorities contacted us last night and told us their decision that only a small portion of middle and high school students are allowed to return on Monday. (We contacted them this morning to clarify and see if there was anything that we could do to still open our doors on Monday and they said that there was nothing that we could do.) Even though we passed all of our inspections and received the school open approval paper from the authorities, we are sorry to tell you that our school open plan for 1st to 9th grade students on Monday is postponed. We are now looking forward to planning on a May 11th start date, but still need to follow the direction from the authorities about the fixed start date. We will keep you informed as the situation continues to change.

We appreciate that many of you were looking forward to Monday and that many of your children were also. We were as well!  We will open as soon as the authorities deem it safe to do so. This is an unexpected and undesired situation, but it is out of our control. We have let our teachers know and they are shifting gears again to be up and ready for online classes on Monday. They will continue to provide high quality education for our students. We encourage all of our students to continue to engage online, to stay connected to their teachers and also to their classmates. We are continuing to monitor the situation and are in constant contact with the authorities. We will continue to make details known as we are informed. Thank you for all that you continue to do and we look forward greatly to when we can resume onsite classes and physically be back together.



The SAIS Leadership Team