Dear SAIS Community,

Happy SAIS Spirit Week!

Last week, SAIS and other international schools were required to submit a proposal for our reopening to the Bureau. We proposed how we might stagger our opening by grade level from the upper grades to the lower grades week by week and how we can make full use of our Shenzhen-based teaching staff along with the teachers who are abroad to collaborate to implement instruction effectively while we return back to campus. We also realize that we have many families who are unable to return to Shenzhen at the moment and so we are planning to provide a transition period of both on-line and on-site delivery to make sure we keep our whole SAIS community engaged. Moreover, with the checklist for school reopening preparation, our logistics team has been sourcing sanitizer, equipment and masks, as well as deep cleaning the whole campus to get ready to resume. Our contracted school bus company did a thorough disinfecting of the school buses, and Nomnom will change the buffet style to lunch boxes to serve the students. We are working on lunch time, recess, dismissal, and class schedules to keep some social distancing among each other.

We are still waiting for the directions from the Bureau. Once we have a clear open date, we will share more detailed plans with you. Thanks again for your patience and we will hope to be back to school soon!



Can you guess our theme today?

That’s right! SAIS Virtual Physical Education!!

Mr Mike has been busy during the whole of the school shutdown by  providing activities and exercises for our students. Of course, parents and staff – you can join in the fun too! When we look at the favorite activities of our staff, it seems cooking and eating is regularly the number 1! We think we will need larger gaps between chairs when we return for our staff meetings.

Mr Mike has said: ‘It is important to keep moving during this time, physical activity improves your immune system keeping you strong and healthy. Being active also helps us to relax and improve our moods, as we are all dealing with a difficult situation.

The focus of Physical Education during this time has been on the learning target: I can keep an active lifestyle while staying home from school. To meet this target our students have been participating in fitness challenges, board games, weekly calendars, and choice boards. Students have been given a wide variety of activities to choose from such as dance, yoga, body-weight exercises, and fitness logs. If you are doing other activities wherever you are, I would like to hear about them! Send pictures and videos anytime. ‘Stay Safe, Stay Active.’

This Friday, we will have our weekly virtual community meeting at 1:30pm, China Time, April 10. More details will follow. Stay tuned!



We’re all at home and we miss playing games and having fun competitions with our friends. Each week an Olympic style event will be posted. You have one week to get the best score that you can, and submit it by 11:29pm, Sunday, April 12.


Dance Competition: 

Christian from 3rd grade was our winner from last week. We had some fantastic submissions to Mr. Nate!  Keep it up!  Move your bodies and dance!  This week’s videos need to be sent in by 11:29pm, Sunday, April 12th.

Click here to see student dance video-Better when I’m dancing

This week the students should be creating their own dance. Here is the dance music for this week.


Reading Competition:

Remember to keep on reading.  You can count pages that you read or that are read to you.  English and Chinese books count. Some of you have already sent Mr. Nate pictures of your log sheets and you are doing amazing!!!  Keep those coming!


SAIS Students Online Health and Location Weekly Report

If any updates of your child’s health and location, don’t forget to report to school weekly, thank you!

SAIS Students Online Health and Location Weekly Report

In Community,

Shenzhen American International School