Dear SAIS Parents,

We are hopeful that the worst of this crisis will soon be behind us and that we will be able to return to school at some point in the not-too-distant future. Coming together as a community in times of struggle will make us stronger and we hope that we emerge from this more unified, connected, and better than ever as a school.

Children look to the adults in their lives, including their parents and teachers, to learn how to make sense of the world and to help them grow into adulthood. In these trying times, they are looking closely at how we respond to stress and challenge, and how we model the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

How have we been responding during this time of “challenge and controversy?” It has been amazing to watch how many of you have risen to the occasion in becoming teachers as well as parents, and exciting to see our SAIS teachers and students learn, grow, and adapt to virtual schooling.

We are all connected, as this pandemic has helped to show, reminding us of another quote from Dr. King:

“In a real sense all life is inter-related. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Because of this truth, and our desire to continue to serve SAIS families to the best of our ability, to continue working together to provide the best education that we can in our changing and often unpredictable world, we would like to offer some financial benefits to our current families.  We are extending the early bird deadline to April 10 due to the current status of the epidemic. Families of returning SAIS students who pay the deposit by April 10th can take advantage of 10,000 RMB off tuition. In addition, to show our appreciation of your support during these difficult times, SAIS is making a one-time investment in our current families in the form of a “loyalty bonus” towards next year’s tuition costs and fees. Returning students will receive 10% off of the 2020-21 tuition if the tuition is paid before May 28th. If you decide to only pay for one semester’s tuition, the loyalty bonus tuition will only be applied to the first semester, not the second.

We hope that you take advantage of these offers and recommit to being a part of the SAIS community as we weather the storm that the virus has unleashed together, becoming stronger for the personal learning we have done, for coming together, and for working to prepare our children in meaningful and engaging ways as future leaders, makers, entrepreneurs, and global citizens. SAIS is truly a unique place, providing a world-class, real world, PBL education, and we hope to continue to build with you next year and beyond.

Sending love to you all,

Dr. Laura Flaxman


SAIS Spotlight

As a school we work very hard to improve student’s fluency in English, given that for many of our students Chinese is their first language. Our mission is to improve fluency in both of these major languages.  Today we would like to showcase some of the work that our Chinese teachers, Ms. Yvonne, Ms. Cindi, and Ms. Dawn, as well as first grade teacher Mr. Edwin, are doing with their students.

In Chinese, some of our older students are studying the corona virus and its effects on themselves, school, and society.

The teacher plan has an overall objective and milestones each student should achieve:

Coronavirus in the real world​

  • Milestone 1 ​ What is Corona-19​?
  • Milestone 2 ​ The relationship between Corona and myself​
  • Milestone 3 ​The relationship between Corona and my community – (school)​
  • Milestone 4 ​The relationship between Corona and the world

The students have developed an understanding of the subject through their Chinese studies.






Planning their day is an important task during these difficult times.




Different planning systems have emerged.

In Grade 1 we see Sonja working on some grammar. She is making adverbs by adding to the end of adjectives.

Well done Sonja!

 Also in Grade 1, Agnes is completing some mathematics work. She is working on a place value chart. Keep it up Agnes.

Students throughout the school are continuing their Chinese classes. In younger grades they work their classroom teachers as well as taking art and PE, in addition to Chinese.

In the older grades, students have STEM classes (focused on science and mathematics), humanities (mostly focused on English), history, art, and PE. Students who take advantage of what SAIS offers have a full day of work with the only thing missing being the physical interaction between students, between students and teachers, and access to the materials and supplies of the Maker Space and classrooms, but their learning is as rigorous as ever.

As we look towards the 2020-2021 school year, we are excited for all of the new opportunities that we are planning as SAIS continues to grow.  We look forward to sharing more with you soon. Thank you for your ongoing support!

This Friday, we will have our first virtual community meeting at 1:30pm, China Time, April 3. More details will follow. Stay tuned! 


Thank you for participating in the third week of the reading and dance competitions!!

Reading Competition: Remember to keep on reading.  You can count pages that you read or that are read to you.  English and Chinese books count.   Some of you have already sent Mr. Nate pictures of your log sheets and you are doing amazing!!!  Keep those coming! Click here to hear what Mr. Nate said!

Dance Competition: Daniel from KB was our winner from last week. We had some fantastic submissions to Mr. Nate!  Keep it up!  Move your bodies and dance!  This week’s videos need to be sent in by Saturday night, April 6th.

Click here to see student dance video-Can’t stop the feeling

Click here to see dance lesson video for the third week-Better when I’m dancing


In Community,

Shenzhen American International School