Dear Parents,

Another week has gone rapidly past and we are thrilled to see so many of our students participating in our online program. For those students who are able to work independently with computers and the internet we are seeing live classes on a daily or almost daily basis. For the younger children the video classes are proving to be a great success. Teachers are delighted with the work achieved by all ages, whether videos and photographs of our youngest students demonstrating their reading and math accomplishments to mind maps and detailed essays by our older students. We can clearly see the feedback from teachers is being used to elevate and deepen the learning of all our students.

Thank you to our parents for completing our survey, which almost everyone did. The vast majority of parents are interested in our summer program. In spite of the challenges, most of our parents are happy with the online instruction that is being provided. It is still clear that parents would like school to reopen and for our students to have more time in physical school rather than virtual school.

To this end, and in continuing conversation and collaboration with our fellow international schools, we are now offering a full month at no additional charge for all grades this summer. In addition, we are now adjusting spring break so that it occurs from March 16-20th, so that school will be in session during the previously scheduled spring break from April 6-10th. We will suspend online classes during the new March break and then, the current plan is to resume school on Monday, March 23rd. In addition, the half days originally planned for Student-Led Conferences will now by full instruction days and teachers will schedule their conferences by appointment over a longer period of time. Also, in response to parent feedback, the new early registration tuition deadline for returning students is April 1st.

  • Free summer extension from June 15-July 10th for the entire school
  • March 13th is the last day of online classes.
  • Spring break is adjusted from April 6th-10th to March 16th-20th
  • March 23rd classes will be back in session at SAIS.
  • April 1st Early Bird Registration Tuition Deadline
  • Student-Led Conferences on April 16th and 17th will be adjusted from half instruction days to full instruction days

We are seeing a reduction in new cases of the virus and we are hopeful that the latest extension will be the last and we can get back to a normal school situation. As we do, please tell your friends about the successes we are enjoying despite the difficult circumstances, so we see another strong start to the forthcoming school year. We are happy to interview by WeChat or similar media for any of your friends’ children interested in a dynamic and fit for purpose 21st century education. Just contact our admissions team and we will be pleased to offer your friends a typically warm SAIS welcome.

Thank you, as always, for your tremendous support for our children and our school, especially as we weather these tough times.

In community,

Dr. Laura Flaxman on behalf of the entire SAIS team