Maker Faire is a family-friendly celebration that has been showcasing innovative projects and creative minds since 2006. There are over 200 Maker Faires around the world.

This year was Shenzhen’s 8th annual Maker Faire. SAIS values making and the maker community as it not only fosters applied learning, but also allows our young learners to learn through authentic problem solving and access to a worldwide network of experts for support.

Let’s see how the SAIS community got involved!

Our 1st and 2nd grade students presented a project that answered their driving question: “How do we make recycling fun?”. Students created instruments and games out of recycled materials, which helped make recycling active and fun.
Grade 3 and 4’s project answered the driving question “How can extreme weather in Shenzhen affect your life?” The students did an investigation into typhoon safety. They created 72-hour emergency kits, board games, flyers, and sleeping bags out of recycled plastics. The flyers explained what to do to keep safe during a typhoon and shared them at the Maker Faire.   Students played card games with other children to teach about typhoon safety.
5th-8th grade students’ project tried to answer the driving question: How did technology affect humans over time. In history class, they did an investigation on the history of paper, writing, and printing. It became very busy at the Maker Faire when the students began teaching visitors how to make paper, ink, and bind books.

Kids are writing on paper using the ink that our students had made.
The SAIS booth was one of few student-focused exhibitors. Our students did an amazing job exhibiting their learning, as well as actively interacting with the adults and other children.深美是少数以学生为中心的参展商之一。我们的学生在展示他们的学习知识方面表现出色,并且还积极地与成年人和其他孩子互动。

See you all at the 5th Annual School Maker Faire (Nanshan) this Saturday, November 16th from 2-5pm at the Sea World Arts and Cultural Center! Student projects and performances will be the highlight of the faire!