In regards to Shenzhen Weather Bureau emergency notice and parent handbook, with the influence by the typhoon, it’s issued yellow typhoon warning in our city. In order to ensure the safety of students and teachers, SAIS will be closed today Oct 12. As it occurs during the school day, absent students don’t have to come to school. Students on campus are taken care of. Parents can pick up the child earlier now. For school bus students, parents can pick up from school now, or school bus would leave at 3:30pm as usual.

    Here is the guideline from SAIS parent handbook for your information.

    For further notice, SAIS usually announces school closures by ClassDojo, WeChat and notification on the school website accordingly based on the level of typhoon and rainfall. Parents can pay attention to the weather broadcast closely.

    Kindly please safety first with your health and property when Typhoon comes. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.