Breaking News: School starts on Aug 19. Stay tuned on further school notice!

Back to School Health Guideline

Dear SAIS Community,
We hope you’re having a nice holiday!  The beginning of this exciting new school year is only a few weeks away and we wanted to make sure everyone was ready.
To continue to ensure the safety of our SAIS community, according to the epidemic prevention guidelines, we would like all teachers and students to fill out the below health report.  Along with that, below are guidelines that have been provided by the education bureau of Shenzhen for all schools.
1. People returning from medium-high risk areas in China are suggested to not return to Shenzhen, but rather to wait for the region to be designated as a low-risk area before returning. Those who decide to return to Shenzhen must report to their community centers and implement control measures as required. (Please check the epidemic risk level)
2. Community members in other areas of China (non-medium-high risk areas) are suggested to return to Shenzhen as soon as possible and report to the school nurse.
3.  If you need to leave Shenzhen within 14 days of the beginning of school, please contact the school nurse.
4. From August 5th until the beginning of school, students and staff should fill in daily health reports. If the health conditions are abnormal, inquire with the school nurse as to the next steps.
5. For students between the ages 12 and 18, they are encouraged to get the vaccine.
Below is a daily health report QR code, please scan to submit it online.

In addition, the post is to guide you for scheduling youth vaccines. 
❗️NEW!Guideline for Scheduling Youth Vaccines❗️
If you have any questions, please connect with the school nurse who can help direct you to the right place.
Ms. Rabia Zeng
Shenzhen American International School