Month: June 2020

SAIS Spotlight June 22 2020

The highlight of any school year at Shenzhen American International School is the Exhibition of Learning. Here, students are able to show to parents, visitors, and their school friends the work they have done for the previous...

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Humanities 7-9, Macy

Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view Black-footed Ferret  By Macy Mai   In the cave, my brother and sister and I sleep quietly. My mother is by my side. At night, my mother would go hunting, we will stay at home alone,...

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Humanities 7-9, Kayden

Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view Hiya! The name’s Hunter. I’m a kakapo. What is a kakapo I hear you asking? Well… Were sorta like parrots… but we can’t fly.  My family… We have a long history of obesity. ANYWAY! Back...

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