Month: April 2020

Weekly Update 2020.4.30

Dear SAIS Community, Thank you for your patience as we continue to follow the guidance of the Shenzhen Education Bureau and the Shenzhen Outbreak Prevention and Control Command on our reopening. According to their latest...

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Weekly Update 2020.4.25

Amazing SAIS Parents, As you all know we have been working non stop for the past two weeks to make sure that the school was ready for the return of our 1st grade and above students. Our staff has been working long hours on the...

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Weekly Update 2020.4.22

Dear SAIS Community, Preparation for SAIS’s Re-Opening, We are so excited that our primary and middle school students can return to school soon on April 27. We are working hard to make sure that our campus is ready for all...

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Weekly Update 2020.4.14

Dear SAIS Community, Happy Tuesday! We are so happy to announce that we have a date for SAIS’s reopening, which was announced by the Education Department of Guangdong Province and officially confirmed by Shenzhen Education...

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Sample student newspaper A

NomNom_Premium Lunch Box_Menu_December 2019 Sample student newspaper A The 2018 Maker Faire was a success! Here is a photo of the SAIS booth the year prior as well. SAIS attends the Shenzhen Maker Faire every year. Students are...

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