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What's going on this year at SAIS?

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Grade 3 Exhibition of Learning

Today we are excited to see the project that our Grade 3 students have been working on. The students undertook the role of reporters and created a mind map on the effects and management of Covid19 in China. This mind map gave...

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Grade 4 Exhibition of Learning

Grade 4 has begun this period with the Essential questions: What impact do different cultures have on you and the world? How are cultures interconnected? Grade 4 students began this unit of study by looking at different cultures...

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Chinese Exhibition of Learning

  Today we would like to showcase some of the work that our Chinese teachers, Ms. Yvonne, Ms. Cindi, and Ms. Dawn, as well as first grade teacher Mr. Edwin, are doing with their students. In Chinese, some of our older...

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Grade 1 Exhibition of Learning

Grade 1 we see Sonja working on some grammar. She is making adverbs by adding to the end of adjectives. Well done Sonja!  Also in Grade 1, Agnes is completing some mathematics work. She is working on a place value chart....

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