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SAIS Spotlight Jul 3

We are celebrating our final week of the summer school by looking at some of the wonderful moments our students have enjoyed while improving their literacy. Over the four weeks of our Summer Extension, students at every grade...

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SAIS Spotlight June 22 2020

The highlight of any school year at Shenzhen American International School is the Exhibition of Learning. Here, students are able to show to parents, visitors, and their school friends the work they have done for the previous...

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SAIS Spotlight June 4 2020

This week we are spotlighting our Chinese classes. We have 3 teachers of Chinese, Ms Dawn, Ms YvonneY and Ms Cindy. Classes are divided into native Chinese speakers and non-native Chinese speakers. All of the work is designed to...

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Parent Letter June 4 2020

Dear SAIS Parents and Community, It has been so wonderful to welcome all of our students in all grades back to campus! We so missed seeing the smiling, happy faces of our children over the last few months. We are also looking...

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SAIS Spotlight May 28 2020

Here we have a photograph of our Grade 2 class having returned to school after the lock down has been lifted on schools. We do not normally see our students sit in rows like this but it is so good to see them back at school we...

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