Author: Zac Zhang

Humanities 7-9, Macy

Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view Black-footed Ferret  By Macy Mai   In the cave, my brother and sister and I sleep quietly. My mother is by my side. At night, my mother would go hunting, we will stay at home alone,...

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Humanities 7-9, Kayden

Milestone 2 Endangered animal point of view Hiya! The name’s Hunter. I’m a kakapo. What is a kakapo I hear you asking? Well… Were sorta like parrots… but we can’t fly.  My family… We have a long history of obesity. ANYWAY! Back...

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Grade 3 Exhibition of Learning

Grade 3 SAIS EDITION – COVID19  PART ONE:  As part of PBL, the Grade three students undertook the role of reporters and created a mind map on the effects and management of Covid19 in China. This mind map gave birth to our “SAIS...

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